Run they fly! The MacBook Air M1 for less than 1000 euros

Christmas is always a good time to be able to renew those products or devices that you have been wanting to change for a long time, including the computer and, of course, you will not have an opportunity like the one we bring you in this post. Amazon has lowered the price of the MacBook Air M1 on many occasions, but never to this level, keep reading that we tell you everything.

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When a user is going to buy an Apple computer, they know that they are going to have to spend a good amount of money, in almost all cases at least more than 1000 euros, being able to exceed that figure by far, not to mention those who need a really powerful computer for their daily tasks, they have to exceed the figure of 2000 euros. However, as we mentioned before, despite the fact that Amazon has offered large and interesting discounts on the Cupertino company’s laptops, never one of them has been so cheap, falling as we say, below the thousand-euro barrier. The equipment itself is the MacBook Air M1, which we will talk about in depth now, but first, let’s go with the discounts that you have available on these computers.

  • MacBook Air M1 with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage
    • Space gray color: 130 euros discount.
    • Gold color: 240 euros discount.
    • Silver color: 130 euros discount.

Is it worth buying this Apple computer now?

The time has come to talk about this Apple laptop and to solve the question that many users may ask themselves, and that is, is it worth buying this MacBook Air now? Well, the answer is the same as always, It depends on the use you are going to make of the device.and beware, it is not because it is the MacBook Air M1, but for some users perhaps not even the MacBook Air M2 would be the ideal device.

Now, it cannot be denied that the MacBook Air M1 is a great teamwhich to this day, despite having been on the market for several years, continues to offer truly admirable performance and power, capable of satisfying the needs of many users who are looking for a very portable computerand that it works from 10 to surf the internet, work with documents, presentations and spreadsheetsand with which, in addition, to be able to edit a video in a timely manner.

Apple Silicon MacBook Air M1 Review

However, if you are thinking of purchasing this laptop and Apple and you are not entirely clear about it, you have to take into account that Amazon provides a great trial period, which goes up to 30 days, in this case, and because it is the period Christmas, until January 31, 2023so you can try it and if you finally find that you need another computer, return it without any problem, yes, it cannot have any damage.

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