Samsung mocks Apple to adopt a new standard

Apple’s instant messaging service is making the news. And Samsung has wanted to take advantage of this push to launch a campaign on social networks, mocking Apple, as if it were a work of drama. What is happening with iMessage? What is Samsung doing? Why is all this coming to light now? In this post we are going to tell you.

The iMessage service is one of the most powerful tools that Apple has to captivate users. This is exclusive to its ecosystem, both on Mac, iPad and iPhone. And we can only use the service with these products, making communication with other systems such as Android or Windows impossible. Now Apple is being pressured to pursue a new standard. This time, as far as services are concerned. All of these are the base ingredients of Samsung’s new advertisement.

The green bubbles and the blue bubbles want to be together. Help Apple.

The iMessage service is proprietary. This is not a standard. And in the industry, a new system is already being developed that will allow communication between different messaging providers, far beyond proprietary applications called RCS (Rich Communication System).

What is proposed as a successor service to SMS, will allow both Android and iPhone users to speak in the same messaging application, the one that is reinstalled on the phone. And in the case of iMessage, this service is located within the messages application.

This new technology is being developed by Google, and promises advantages such as having taped or group messages. The thing is, right now, Apple is going its own way, and iMessage is based on the current operating protocol used by SMS.

And where does Samung come into all this? What are green and blue bubbles? In a video that they recently released on social networks, without mentioning Apple other than in the title, a conversation between two “people” is shown, who communicate through a messaging application.

«- I hate having to be like this… Can you talk to your parents?

+ I’ve tried, but they want to keep us apart. I don’t understand

– What did the green do to them? We are also bubbles.

+ And literally everyone wants us together. Ugh. «

With these lines, Samsung refers to the color green as that of the bubbles that appear in Apple’s Messages app, when we contact someone via SMS. On the other hand, the blue bubbles they mention are the ones that appear in the Messages app, but when we are communicating under the iMessage service, which can only be used within the Apple ecosystem.

The pressures on Apple to adopt this new type of messaging system are several. Even by whoever created this new protocol that wants to be the new standard. According to what they explain in the English-speaking news outlet MacRumors, “Google says that Apple is responsible for all the problems that Android and iPhone users have when chatting with each other, including lack of encryption, group messages that do not work and photos and videos that look pixelated.