Samsung offers you what Apple cannot do for a price that will blow your mind

One of Samsung’s best qualities is its ability and knowledge to manufacture screens and panels for electronic devices. And when it comes to using the Mac, having a good monitor greatly improves the experience. But why spend large amounts of money, when we can have a lot, for very little? This is what happens with this Samsung product, which we are going to introduce you to in this post. So if you want quality, at a very low price, and now with a discount, this is for you!

You won’t believe the price of this monitor

The monitor is the Samsung LS24A600UCUXEN. Its size is 24 inches, and its resolution is QHD (2,560 x 1,2240). Its panel is IPS, it has AMD FreeSync technology and its aspect ratio is 16:9. And if this were not enough, you can forget about HDMI, since it can be connected directly to the Mac through the USB type C port, thanks to its compatibility with the Thunderbolt standard.

Its usual price on Amazon is 319 euros. However, now Thanks to the 36% price reduction, we will be paying only 203 euros. Yes, we have not gone crazy, and for that amount, we are going to be getting a team with these features, and more that we are going to detail below.

Meet the Samsung LS24A600UCUXEN monitor

Let’s start by looking at its connectivity. We have an HDMI port, DisplayPort, USB HUB and USB type C. So, if you have a MacBook Pro or Air with only USB type C ports, this monitor will also expand the connection possibilities.

As for its panel, we have IPS LED technology, with a refresh rate of 75Hz. In addition, we will notice a very fluid image, thanks to the response time of only 5 milliseconds.

If the image matters to you, beyond the resolution itself, know that it has a 1,000:1 contrast ratio. And if that were not enough, it has the HDR 10 system incorporated. In addition, we will be able to see from many more points, since its viewing angle is very wide: 178 degrees.

samsung 24 monitor offer

The design is another of its strong points: Dressed in minimalism and black, we can have it any way we want. Do we want to use it with the base, horizontally? No problem. Do we want to rotate them to have a vertical screen? It is also possible. Do we want to mount it to the wall? It is compatible with the VESA mounting system!

To all this, we also add the Flickr Free system, which corrects the latent flickering of the screen, to prevent our eyes from getting tired. Taking care of our health is very important, and even more so if we are going to be exposed to the screen for long hours.

So, if we have any Mac model that is compatible with HDMI or Thunderbolt video output, via USB C, whether desktop or laptop, we will not have any problems. And neither is our pocket going to have it, since we are talking about a device that (very) barely exceeds 200 euros, thanks to this incredible discount that it has right now on the Amazon website.