Samsung tries again to ridicule Apple and its users in an advertisement

Samsung returns to the fray in the way it knows best. It is believed that the best way to advertise your products is to make, or at least try to, make a fool of the competition. What I don’t understand is if it really works for him. Maybe yes, because he returns again and again to resort to the same technique. This only brings validation to those anti-Apple and Samsung fanatics, just as it happens to Apple fans when they don’t see Apple’s ailments or shortcomings. If you really want something good, resort to its good features and functions, not to think that what others are is worse and much less to insinuate that Apple users are…what they think we are. Finally, what again there is an announcement of Samsung messing with Apple.

The technique of, let’s ridicule, on the contrary, to mess with their products and their users, may work sometimes, but not always. But it seems that Samsung sees it as appropriate and returns this time, with an ad insinuating that Samsung’s is better and that users of the Korean brand are smarter or similar. The thing is, even if their phones or tablets were better, that they are not, than Apple, this path is not correct.

In the short-lived ad that can be seen on YouTube, a user is seen climbing a fence and wanting to experience new things. Inside the enclosure a couple is seen, who question themselves at the end if what to expect is good or if they really should jump the fence. The simile is nothing more than to tell us that if you want the best and the latest you should go to Samsung and not wait like Apple does. In this specific case, to obtain the latest in telephony. Samsung sponsors its latest folding terminal and it says if you want it, don’t wait for Apple to do it, take the leap and switch to Samsung.

A folding phone, like the one that they already launched and that you already know how it was. The good thing is that there is where to decide and that we should not be “faithful” to the brands. Brands should be loyal to us. Buy what suits you best or you like. Of course, compare before, do not get carried away by what glitters.