Samsung wants to be (even more) like Apple and they have surprised with this decision

One of the great news that has arrived along with the Samsung Galaxy S24, in addition to the hardware improvements and artificial intelligence, has been the official announcement by the company, in which they have said that the entire family of new batch will receive Up to 7 years of software updates. Great news? Well, for Android users, perhaps. But it's nothing new, especially if we take into account that Apple is the king of the industry in making its phones last.

Apple can be criticized for many things. Many and all that are needed. However, to Caesar what is Caesar's. In terms of major software updates, those from Cupertino have been (and continue to be) the kings of the industry. It makes no sense to spend more than a thousand euros on a phone that will then only be updated once, twice or at most three times in its entire useful life.

With iPhones, this does not happen. But with the Samsungs, it didn't matter how much we spent, what we bought was what we wore. A practical example that this is not the case at Apple is that, without going any further, my iPhone XR started with iOS 12 and will most likely end its update cycle with iOS 17. But from that point on, it will continue to receive security updates .

Androids are starting to look like Apple

The world of phones is voracious. You buy a device, and it's systematically going to feel old after two TV shows. It doesn't matter if it works, but the software itself or the company's rhetoric will take care of it and encourage you to change phones. Good luck with the software updates, which are there to remind us that there is life beyond what they want to sell us each year.

The Samsung Galaxy S are the “flagship” of the South Korean firm. At least after spending more than 1,000 euros the phone has a decent update cycle? What many may see as good news, for me is more like “you have done something obvious that we have been crying out for.” In fact, what personally makes me very angry in that sense is that something that is essential for consumers is sold to us as a privilege.

Apple can afford it, selling us an iPhone saying that it will have many years of updates. Sadly, this advantage that we users have is a privilege. Either you go to Apple, or if you want new software, you go for new hardware.

iOS 17 news presented at WWDC

The Android problem

The most important problem that Android has is that it is a system that is everywhere. That each company adapts as it wants. And each company has many models from different product families. When is everything updated? More complicated than undoing Christmas lights one year locked in a box.

It doesn't matter if the phone is high-end, mid-range or low-end. The problem is that you can't have control of everything. Looking ahead to the new s24, congratulations on those 7 promised years. But what about the rest of the lower ranges? How long will the update life cycle be? Will we have to go for the highest echelon?