Samsung Electronics would be ready to mass produce its own 3nm Exynos chip as soon as the second half of this same 2024. In this way, Samsung wants to compete with Apple for its dominance in terms of power in the world of smartphones and thus put pressure on other producers such as TSMC and Qualcomm.

This news was reported by DigiTimes this week, publishing a post about Samsung's own 3nm Exynos chip. Industry sources report that Samsung will officially announce its 3nm chip, known internally as “Solomon” in 2025. This chip would replace the previous Exynos 2400 equipped in the Galaxy S24 and analysts predict that 3nm will be integrated into the Samsung Galaxy S25 that would be launched at the beginning of 2025 and would begin manufacturing at the end of 2024, thus enhancing Samsung's competitiveness in the Smartphone market.

In short, what Samsung wants in its roadmap Regarding the manufacturing of 3nm chips and implementation in their smartphones, the following is the case: mass production in the second half of 2024. Integrate them into the Samsung Galaxy S25 at the end of the year. Announce the chips officially in early 2025 with the launch of new products.

Let us remember that Apple is already turning towards a second generation of 3nm chips (and that it has already implemented in the iPad with the M4). This second generation will be implemented in the new iPhones presumably at the end of 2024, when Samsung implements its first generation of 3nm chips in its smartphones. Samsung will have to continue rowing against the current to be aligned in this area with Apple.