Samsung’s monitor for your Mac is heavily discounted

One of the main products that the vast majority of users who have a Mac need is a good monitor, and the truth is that Apple’s own ones are not cheap at all. Therefore, taking advantage of the fact that one of the best options you have on the market has a good offer, we want to talk about it in this post.

Samsung Smart M8 at a huge discount

Samsung and Apple we can say that they are two leading companies wherever they are, and that is why competition has always been present. However, this is something that very little can or should matter to users, who in the end benefit from the fact that both companies continue to improve and improve their products, obviously being able to always get the best out of each one of them.

A good example is Samsung’s monitor, the Smart M8, which has some specifications and an ideal aesthetic for all users of a Macand yes, we mentioned the aesthetics because the truth is that the Korean company seems to have made a specific monitor for Apple users, since the lines that it follows are really similar to those of the Studio Display or even another monitor from the competition, the Huawei Mate View.

It has a 32-inch 4K display, so the size is certainly not going to be a problem. His aspect ratio is 16:9that is, one of the most widely used standards in the world and also, it is available in different colors, although its price does vary, which although originally it is 799 euros, on Amazon it has a great discount that we leave you below .

  • Samsung Monitor Smart M8 in blue: 281 euros discount.
  • Samsung Monitor Smart M8 in green: 285 euros discount.
  • Samsung Monitor Smart M8 in pink: 335 euros discount.

Reasons to use a monitor next to your Mac

There are many computers that Apple sells to which you can attach a monitor to be able to work more comfortablyFor others it is even mandatory, since Apple only sells “the tower”, as in the case of the Mac mini or Mac Studio. However, we must highlight the importance of having a quality monitor when working.

iPad 10 and monitor

Regardless of the profession you develop, having a good screen is keysince in the end it is the element through which you will be able to interact with your computer, which means that it will have a brutal impact on the user experience that you have It is useless to have the large screen of the 14-inch MacBook Pro, if when connecting it to your monitor, what this causes is that the experience is worse, therefore, when choosing the screen that accompanies you When working, you have to keep in mind both the resolution and its size, and without a doubt, this Samsung option is ideal for the vast majority.

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