Save 300 euros when buying the new iPad

A few weeks ago, Apple presented the renewal of the new iPad Pro 11-inch and 12.9-inch with him 10th generation iPad. However, and carefully analyzing the different iPad devices on the market, the iPad Air It is the perfect device for most users and in this post we are going to give arguments for it.

Pro Features

The fifth generation iPad Air It presents similar aspects to the iPad Pro previously presented. Obviously, it is a device that has some shortcomings, especially in terms of panel resolution, but with it you can perform practically the same functions as the most professional products in the iPad segment.

Apple Silicon M1 and Accessories

The iPad Air includes the First generation Apple Silicon, which is a very powerful processor and can handle most scenarios without any performance drop. The iPad Pro includes the m2which is an evolution of the M1, where the differences are few between both devices and you are more focused on autonomy and energy efficiency. In terms of performance, the iPad Air is a device that is capable of responding to office tasks as well as graphic design tasks that require a powerful processor.

With respect to accessories It is one of the most interesting sections, since the fifth generation iPad Air is compatible with the ASecond-hand Apple Pencil generation, the same Pencil that the iPad Pro carry. Along with this, we have to add the keyboard, because the Magic Keyboard You can use it for both segments of the iPad, that is, for the two models of the iPad Pro and for the iPad Air. Finally, both devices include USB-Can input port that significantly improves the way we transfer information to or from the iPad, positively increasing the user experience.

colors and price

iPad Air 5 rear

One of the biggest differences between the iPad Pro and iPad Air are the colors. The Pro series looks for sober colors, while the color palette of the iPad Air they are much more accessible to a much wider audience. In addition, it includes the color black for those people who want to give a professional touch to their equipment.

If we look at the price, the iPad Pro cheapest part of 1049 euroMeanwhile he iPad Air of 769 euros. It is true that the iPad Pro has a larger storage on the input device, but there are solutions to this situation by purchasing the iCloud service or using other cloud storage services such as Google Drive or DropBox.

iPad Air+monitor

In short, the iPad Air It is the best iPad you can buy today, since you have the same accessories as the Pro series, a very powerful processor that allows you to perform practically the same tasks as the Pro series. The 300 euros more that you pay to acquire the Pro series if it is a economic leap but It does not represent a qualitative leap regarding performance and the possibility of improving your professional and personal projects.

Leave us in the comments if the iPad Air is the most recommended iPad for you.