Save money buying these Apple products on Black Friday

Buy now or pay more in 2022

Specifically, we are referring to Apple products such as the 24-inch iMac, Mac mini, and MacBook Pro with M1 Pro or Max chip. Both products were presented a year ago and all the rumors indicate that Apple is not going to present any more products in this 2022. With the presentation of the renewed design of the MacBook Air with the M2 Chip, these products are the only ones that maintain the M1 series, so it is possible that you will find important offers to reduce stock for next year.

Last year, the MacBook Air M1 It was sold on Amazon at a 15% discount on Black Friday, standing at a price of 979 euros in its most basic version. However, if you feel like you’re going to need a little more performance, the 13-inch MacBook Pro with M1 chip It is a great purchase because the differences between generations are minimal. Again, on Amazon you can find it for a 12-15% discount, being a very interesting product.

With respect to iPhonerumors of poor sales of the iPhone 14 and the production problems that Apple is having in its factories in China as a result of Covid-19, can cause very interesting offers of said product to relieve stock and overcome sales. A clear example of this is found with the iPhone 13mini last year, at a very competent price below 600 euros.

the best accessories

Little by little, Apple is adding more products to its range of accessories, improving the existing offer and increasing the range of products. This year, only the 2nd AirPods Pro generationso the whole range of devices to listen to music, podcast or calls have been on the market for some time, so it is likely that there will be offers in Yaphone or Media Mark.

Some of these offers can be very interesting, especially since they are products that have been on the market for several years. The AirPods Max are from 2020, while the Third-generation AirPods went on sale in 2021. Therefore, last year there were different promotions and discounts for Black Friday, and they will probably be launched again this year. Regarding the AirPods Pro, it had a discount of more than 100 euros on Amazon compared to its official price in the Apple Store, that is, at 526 euros. In addition, the AirPods Pro, in Yaphone, presented some promotions with a 20% discount, placing the device close to 200 euros.

Black AirPods Max

If we refer to the iPadperhaps there is a very interesting product to acquire is the First or second generation Apple Pencil due to the introduction of the new iPad Pro and iPad 10th generation. In The English Court It is not common to see too many promotions of this caliber, but last year it was common prices below 100 euros for the first generation and 135 euros for the second generation.