Save money! How to buy cheaper Mac and iPad at Apple

There are many students who seek to improve their equipment when they enter higher education due to the need to prepare good notes, do good work and if you study design or programming careers, you need a computer with great features. However, in this article we are going to see a way to obtain an Apple product with a very interesting discount via Unidays.

How do I sign up for Unidays?

To sign up for Unidays and get discounts when you buy an Apple product, you need to be active students in a university and add the email address of this institution or present the student card. The process is the following:

  1. We open on the Apple website the section ‘Shopping at the university at the bottom of the page, or by directly accessing this link.
  2. We click on click on ‘Check Unidays and sign up’.
  3. We will access the UNiDAYS login platform. We can log in with our account or create a new one.
  4. Once inside the official Apple page, the discounted prices in relation to the product appear.

It is important to note that, every year, you have to renew your student subscription on Unidays account and cConfirm the message that arrives to your emailsince the student period ends in a moment of our lives and this discount cannot be abused or prolonged forever.

Apple Store Online Discount

Not all products of The bitten apple are offered discounts and with the same value, because the Macs and iPads are products that have a different discount depending on the range you want to purchase, while the iPhone and Apple Watch No is discounted because Apple considers it equipment that does not provide educational value to students. The discounts are as follows:

  • MacBook Pro: up to 10% discount when buying a Mac.
  • Mac Studio: 2,096 euros.
  • iPad: Up to a 7% discount on an iPad Pero and a 5% discount on an iPad Air.
  • Studio Display: has a discount of more than 100 euros, starting from 1600 euros.
  • Pro Display XDR: From 4,948 euros.

Apart from the discounts mentioned, you also have access to other products at a reduced price or for free, such as Apple Musicfor a price of 5.99 euros and Apple Music for free. You can also get access to the entire suite of professional video editing at a price of 299.99 euros.


What are the main problems of Unidays?

The main problem with the Unidays application is the delivery periods, which are very long where sometimes it can last up to weeks from the payment of the product. The second problem you have to Submit documentation in case you want to buy the product in a physical Apple Store. If you do it online, you can buy it directly from the official Apple website, while if you go to a physical store, you have to present your Unidays registration, university registration and card, and the discount will be applied.

Third, Apple imposes a boundary series for whoever wants buy devices With the education discount, these limits are for devices for each academic year in Spain, regardless of whether the purchase is in the Apple Store online, or in the physical store:

  • iMac or Mac Studio: one per academic year.
  • macmini: one per academic year.
  • MacBook: one per academic year.
  • iPad: two per academic year.