Save money on subscriptions? Use Apple One

There are more and more different Streaming platforms that offer different services over the internet. Apple also has its own catalog that was born with iCloud and Apple Music and that has gradually included other services such as Apple TV, Apple Arcade, Apple News or Apple Fitness. The massification of services has led to a very interesting Apple business strategy that does offer quality, quantity and a good price. Specifically, we refer to Apple One.

What is the Apple One subscription?

Apple One subscription Is a new offer from Apple that includes the ability to use most of Apple’s popular services (Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, iCloud storage) and pay less for everything, or better, in one payment . The purpose of this strategy is to offer all the services for a reduced price, since obtaining all of them is a much higher price. In addition, it looks for you to access other services that you do not use frequently, such as Apple Arcade.

Apple One lights

There are many advantages within this section that Apple has taken out, especially because you access services that you do not access a priori and you save money. However, it also has important shadows such as the inflexibility of rates. We discuss the benefits below.

  • Unit of services and price: The possibility of saving is very interesting, since you will not have to charge your iCloud, Apple Music and Apple TV account on different days of the month. All subscriptions are paid on the same day.
  • Fee savings: paying for all services separately increases the total amount greatly. Proof of this is that if you add up all the subscriptions, that is, 9.99 for Apple Music, 4.99 for Apple TV, 0.99 euros for 50 GB of iCloud+, and 4.99 for Apple Arcade, the price is much higher than the entry price Apple One, which starts at 14.99 euros.
  • Family plan: all subscriptions can be extended to the family level. In fact, the subscription price of $13.95 could be split between 5 people and get access to 200 GB of iCloud storage, Apple Arcade, Apple TV +, Apple Music. This option is very interesting.

apple music

Shades of Apple One

Despite the economic savings that this subscription entails and the access to services that they would not otherwise acquire, we are going to analyze the reasons why Apple One presents shadows that make many users not acquire that subscription.

  • Not everyone uses the entire Apple ecosystem: Not everyone uses App Arcade or Apple TV+ and the same situation when we find Apple Music because there are users who use the Spotify or YouTube Premium subscription. In addition, the Apple catalog is still in the development phase, so a lot of content is not to their liking and, it must be added that many series and documentaries are not adapted to Spanish, so you have to wait several months to see it. in your language. Apple wants you to ditch third-party subscriptions and only use Cupertino services.
  • Lack of customization: the individual plan includes 50 GB of iCloud. therefore, if you want to purchase a higher plan, it is 19.95 euros per month, a plan that may be too high for many users, especially since they are not going to use other services it offers and are only looking for more storage in iCloud. Consequently, if you don’t use all the services on a regular basis, perhaps paying for two subscriptions like Apple Music and iCloud+ is more profitable.