Save up to $2400 with Bluetti’s Black Friday specials

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Massive savings with Bluetti’s Black Friday specials.

We’re heading into Black Friday season, and now is the perfect time to invest in a portable power station from Bluetti to energize your home and adventures, especially with unbeatable prices for the shopping holiday.

Starting November 17th, Bluetti is offering massive Black Friday discounts of up to $2,400 off portable power station solutions, backup generators, and peace of mind during any type of outage. Plus, Bluetti is unveiling a brand-new AC200L portable power generator and a can’t-miss early bird launch price.

Instant backup power and off-grid capacity

You never know when an outage can strike next, and aging infrastructure continues to place doubts in the minds of millions about maintaining consistent, reliable power. With a Bluetti backup power solution, you can access reliable electricity with an instant connection during a blackout.

Provide instant backup power for your home with the AC300.

Provide instant backup power for your home with the AC300.

Bluetti’s AC300+B300 is an iconic backup solution in the lineup, and when paired with up to four B300 extended batteries, it has a capacity of 12,288Wh. During an outage, the AC300 springs into action in as little as 20 milliseconds, and the 3,000W power delivery can handle all your household appliances.

You can hook solar panels to the AC300+B300 system for up to 2,400W of charging and maintain clean, constant power regardless of how long an outage lasts.

This Black Friday, Bluetti has the AC300+B300 on sale for $2,799 and comes with a free 120V integration kit.

A step up from the AC300+B300 platform is the AC500+B300S setup with enough capacity and power to run anything you could demand. Thanks to its self-heating feature, it’s the perfect power solution for mountain cabins capable of delivering consistent electricity in -20C temperatures.

The AC500 brings the ultimate in backup or off-grid power delivery.

The AC500 brings the ultimate in backup or off-grid power delivery.

The 5,000W AC500+B300S system comes with a standard 3,072Wh of capacity but can easily expand to 18,432Wh, which is enough to power everything in your remote cabin. Supply it with up to 3,000W of solar charging, and you can extend your getaway for as long as your food supply (and boss) will let you.

Picking up an AC500+B300S this Black Friday will only cost $4,799 or $2,300 off the retail price. Plus, when you buy an AC500+B300S, Bluetti will give you a free PV380 solar panel to kick off your off-grid adventures.

Portable power indoors and out

You can pick up more than old favorites this holiday season as Bluetti adds the new sleek AC200L to the lineup. The AC200L is a heavy hitter, with up to 3,600W of power delivery in Powerlifting mode and a capacity of 2,048Wh.

The AC200L is the robust newcomer.

The AC200L is the robust newcomer on the scene.

What really makes the AC200L special is the rapid charging capabilities. The system gets a full charge in as little as two hours using a 1,200W solar panel or as quick as 90 minutes with a 2,400W Turbo Charge AC plug.

The AC200L also supports UPS functionality, allowing it to serve as a robust backup power solution. Plus, the Bluetti app allows you to stay updated on capacity, change settings, or enable power-saving mode, all in real-time.

Bluetti’s AC200L makes its debut during the Black Friday sale, where it will sell for only $1,499. However, AppleInsider readers can take an extra $100 off using the code AI100 at checkout.

Pair it with the B300 expanded battery and unlock up to 5,120Wh of capacity. You can bring home both this Black Friday for only $2,999.

Bluetti’s flagship AC200MAX also receives a healthy discount this holiday season, featuring $300 off, bringing the price to a reasonably affordable $1,299. The AC200MAX is the perfect portable power station for any adventure, including glamping, fishing trips, or that hidden cabin from before.

The AC200MAX is Bluetti's flagship model.

The AC200MAX is Bluetti’s flagship model.

The AC200MAX boasts a massive 2,048Wh capacity and 2,200W of power delivery for its size. Its 16 various outlets give the AC200MAX the ability to power virtually anything you could want, including energy-hungry appliances like a CPAP.

The 900W solar charging capability means quick charging as the sun shines, providing you with clean and consistent power. When you pair it with a B230 or B300, you can push the capacity even higher for your adventures, up to 8,192Wh, in fact.

Bluetti is also offering up to $350 in savings on the AC180+PV200 or $250 on the AC180P+PV200 systems. Both portable power station solutions are ideal for off-grid living and exploring, with a delivery capacity of up to 2,700W in Powerlifting mode.

Bluetti's AC180 brings affordable off-grid power.

Bluetti’s AC180 brings affordable off-grid power.

Although the AC180P has slightly more capacity at 1,440Wh, they both support UPS backup power capabilities and can run resistive devices, like electric kettles or heaters. Both power solutions offer a quiet, green alternative to noisy, dirty gas generators.

Take your adventure even further with lightweight solutions

Winter adventure calls and backcountry snowboarders, ice fishers, and cold-weather campers turn to the compact, lightweight AC70 to keep devices like iPhones, drones, and laptops fully charged. However, the AC70 builds on previous success to deliver a platform capable of handling hairdryers, blenders, and power tools.

The AC70 powers all your winter activities.

The AC70 powers all your winter activities.

The AC70 also has fast charging capabilities, with an AC outlet charging 0%-80% in just 45 minutes. You can also hook up 500W of solar panels to the AC70 for a full charge in only two hours.

Bring home the AC70 for only $499 this Black Friday and enjoy versatile, portable power wherever you need it.

For those who need true portability, Bluetti’s AC2A+PV120 is an ideal option. Weighing just 3.6kg (less than 8 lbs) and taking up less space than your tackle box, the AC2A is no chump, delivering up to 600W of AC power with a capacity of 204Wh.

The AC2A is the ultimate in portability.

The AC2A is the ultimate in portability.

The AC2A has six ports to power your MacBook, iPhone, and other gadgets. Plus, the 200W solar panel charging means you can extend your camping or hiking trips even further without running out of power.

Bluetti is offering the AC2A+PV120 for the rock-bottom price of only $399 or $149 off during its Black Friday Sale.

Expand your capacity with these battery solutions

Several of Bluetti’s power solutions support expanded battery packs to further boost the capacities of backup systems and off-grid platforms. The B230 and B300 expansion batteries are also on sale this Black Friday, with savings up to $300 off.

The B230 expansion battery has its own onboard outlets, making it a standalone option for those who need it. Likewise, the B300 brings an impressive capacity of 3,072Wh and upwards of 700W of solar charging for the ultimate in clean energy storage.

Buetti’s Black Friday sale brings additional bonuses to shoppers spending over certain thresholds with lifestyle gifts, Bluetti Bucks, and exciting perks. Don’t miss these incredible deals starting on November 17th, as they won’t last long or be back for quite some time.

With these Bluetti power solutions, you bring clean, eco-friendly energy to your home, outdoor activities, or off-grid escapades. Bluetti’s commitment to clean energy allows millions in more than 100 countries to receive reliable and stable power, and this Black Friday, so can you by bringing home a portable power station or backup solution that meets your needs.

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