Second-hand HomePod, is it worth it?

The HomePod is still the King of the house

The reason why Apple discontinued this product is due to economic and commercial criteria than acoustic. The price of the product is consistent with the quality of its speakers and all users who have had the opportunity to have this device do not question its main purpose: listen to music and interact with Siri.

What to keep in mind when buying a second-hand HomePod?

One of its main advantages when purchasing this HomePod is that it comes with power cord, so we will not have problems with battery degradation. Along with this, a second aspect that must be taken into account when purchasing the HomePod is the Arrangement of home or work studio furnituresince it has a depth control system to adapt to its location.

Apple’s HomePod has Two colors: black and white At first, if it does not affect its location, the dark color is the most recommended option, since it is a second-hand product, the fabric that surrounds the speakers may be got dirty over time and owner’s use.

Even though it is a lower priced product than an iPhone, iPad or Mac, We always have to ask for the invoice and original box of the product, to match the serial number of the product and the invoice, and to a lesser extent to know if the seller has purchased any accessories related to the product. In addition, the seller has to have a fluent treatment and send all possible information of the product, to avoid it being a scam.

The HomePod is a perfect device within your Apple environment thanks to the existing integration between all the devices of La Manzana Mordida. It is true that the HomePod mini is on the market, but it does not offer the same sound quality and features that this product offers, making it a product to take into account in the second-hand market.

Is it worth buying the second-hand HomePod?

The short answer is yes, but the long answer is “yes… but…” which we will analyze below. Throughout this post we have seen the advantages of purchasing this product, however, there is a big problem with the seller of the product.

The HomePod is a product for listen to music, and the best way to check the quality of it is not through an audio or video that the seller sends you, but to check that it works perfectly in different types of scenarios, both to consume multimedia content, but to remind you of the activities you have today throughout the day.


This situation means that the possibility of being able to acquire a HomePod depends a lot on the place where you live and if you are willing to move around it, since acquiring this product without previously listening to it is an essential aspect that must always be taken into account. Remember that even if you buy a second-hand product, in Spain there is a guarantee of said product for a few monthsso if you see any damage and want to return it, there is a legal mechanism to restore the purchase.