What Happened To Apple’s Self Service Repair Progam Set To Release In 2022?

Last year, Apple unveiled a unique “Self Service Repair” operation, which would allow customers to buy components for iPhones, iPads, and all other Apple devices to fix them at home for the first time. While the business claimed that the new program would be introduced in the United States in early 2022, we have not heard anything about Self Service Repair since Nov 2021, when Apple made a major announcement for the repair sector. Customers will be able to do their repairs on their devices under the new “Self Service Repair” program, which would include typical fixes like battery replacements, iPhone screen replacements, and more.

Apple Has Not Said Anything About Its Self Service Repair

Customers would have access to Apple’s authentic components and equipment to conduct repairs through the new Self Service Repair program.

Self Service Repair would be available initially for the iPhone 12 and 13, followed by M1 Macs in the future, according to Apple. The initiative would begin in early 2022 in the United States, with more countries following throughout the year. Customers would be able to get authentic Apple parts and tools for the most regularly repaired modules, such as the iPhone display, battery, and camera, in the first phase of the program, according to Apple.

“Additional fixes will be provided later next year,” the business said. This was a significant statement from Apple, which has hitherto rejected at-home or even third-party repairs. Customers would be able to buy authentic Apple components, have access to documentation, and make repairs themselves through this scheme.

The statement comes as the Right to Repair movement continues to put pressure on Apple. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has established a new policy to increase criminal enforcement against repair limitations. Apple may have postponed the initiative owing to parts deficits, which have also hampered the production process for several gadgets.