iOS 17.4 and iPadOS 17.4 are about to reach our iPhone and iPad and include great new features such as the integration of third-party application stores to comply with the European Union Digital Markets Law. Until today we did not know of any great App Store alternative that was going to appear in iOS 17.4 but Setapp Mobile from the company MacPaw has announced that it will have an application store in this new version of iOS and that, according to them, they are «marking a new path for the software industry.

The first alternative App Store that will arrive in iOS 17.4: Setapp Mobile

Setapp It's an app store under subscription which offers a large collection of applications for Mac and iOS. It is designed and maintained by the company MacPaw and a few hours ago it announced that Setapp will arrive in iOS 17.4 as an alternative App Store. It has currently been launched in beta format and will, according to them, mark an important milestone “in the company's journey towards creating a more equitable, innovative and user-centered ecosystem of apps.”

The platform empowers developers by aligning rewards with application usage and market value, thus fostering a thriving innovation ecosystem. Now, Setapp will be available directly on iOS devices, allowing for a more integrated and convenient user experience. This expansion promises a diverse selection of premium apps for users and a supportive environment for developers.

The company will take care of select the applications to be included in the store with the aim of maintaining the philosophy of significant efficiency that MacPaw marks. To access Setapp it is necessary to pay a subscription but once the applications are installed Its updates are free.

iOS 17.4

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Within Setapp's categories you will find: business and productivity tools, creative and design software, lifestyle and productivity, utility applications and specialized professional tools. If you want to join the waiting list to access the beta and install it once iOS 17.4 is released, you can do so from this link.