Every quarter of the year the figures are everything. They are a thermometer that measures you, not only the health of the company, but also the health of the market. When Apple drops in its shipments or sales it can be due to many factors but a pattern always repeats itself. Users do not want to spend so much on new devices, because Apple is going down but the others are also going down since the American company continues to be number one. However, in this last quarter we will see if the pattern does not change, because a sharp drop in shipments is expected for iPhones.

Taking into account that Apple does not publish the exact figures for sales or shipments, all those that are handled are forecasts from third-party expert companies dedicated to these tasks. Knowing this, Morgan Stanley claims that because of the uncertainty in China due to working conditions, as you already know, there have been demonstrations by workers against working conditions, the forecast is to further reduce shipments in this last quarter of the year. A drop of another three million iPhones is expected.

This means that in total, we will therefore have a decrease of approximately nine million fewer shipments. This reduces the overall forecast of 85 million units to approximately 75.5 million units. These figures are very significant, especially since they occur in a quarter where the iPhone is more than likely to become one of the star gifts in many homes. If shipments are reduced, it means that sales are reduced and, above all, that waiting times to receive purchases are increased.

If this is true and you are thinking of giving away an iPhone this Christmas, maybe it’s a good idea to buy it now just in case and receive the gift on time in our homes.