Shazam adds a new way to discover new music with AirPods

In today's article we are going to discover the new way that Shazam allows us to now use to discover new songs more comfortably and quickly with the help of our AirPods.

The Evolution of Shazam

Since its creation, Shazam has been the favorite application of many music lovers who seek to discover the name of a song that has conquered them at that very moment. Over the years, this application has continued to evolve to offer an even smoother and improved experience for its users.

The last update, the version 17.3has incorporated a feature that many have been waiting for: the ability to identify songs while listening to music through headphones, yes also while we are listening to music with the AirPods on. Until now, Shazam could only recognize songs when no headphones were connected, which limited its usefulness in certain situations. With this improvement, Shazam becomes an even more versatile and valuable tool for music lovers around the world.

Now when you walk into that coffee shop hipster that you like so much, Shazam will be able to identify the song that is playing directly through your AirPods, without having to wait to activate the Shazam function from the Control Center on the iPhone.

Compatibility with AirPods and other headphones

What makes this update even more exciting is that it is compatible with both wired headphones and wireless headphones that work over Bluetooth, and yes also with the different models of Apple AirPods.

The new headphone song identification feature in Shazam is easy to use. Here we explain how it works:

  • Update Shazam– Make sure you have the latest version of Shazam installed on your device. You can download the update for free from the App Store.
  • Plug in your headphones– Whether you use wired or Bluetooth headphones, make sure they are connected and working properly.
  • Open Shazam– Open the Shazam app on your device and allow it to access the microphone. This check should only be done the first time.
  • Listen to the song: Play the song you want to identify through your headphones.
  • Tap the Shazam icon– In the Shazam app, tap the iconic “Shazam” button while the song is playing in your headphones.
  • Wait for identification to take place: Shazam processes the song and in seconds shows you the name of the song and the artist on your device screen.

Shazam redesign

The privacy, convenience and versatility of this new feature are its most important advantages. Additionally, Shazam now becomes more accessible. With the ability to identify songs anytime, anywhere, you have more opportunities to discover new music you're passionate about. Now you just have to make sure you have the application updated and start enjoying this new feature.