Shazam's integration within the iOS ecosystem has been improving with software updates. However, Apple continues to make its own application available to the user available in the App Store that completes the functions of the tool. One of the main errors that the app had was that we could not recognize music from other applications when we had the headphones connected (we could when we were without them). With a new update, Shazam allows you to recognize music from apps with headphones, solving this error that has been discussed in recent months.

Recognizes music from other apps even with headphones connected with Shazam

Shazam is one of the fundamental applications on our device. It allows recognize what music is playing at a certain time just by listening for a couple of seconds. This function, being a company acquired by Apple, is available to activate from the iOS and iPadOS Control Center, but there is also an app that allows you to store and record all your listening and quickly access a streaming music service to listen to. registered songs.

Shazam allows you to open music in Apple Music Classical

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Shazam now allows you to open music in the Apple Music Classical app

In a new Shazam update One of the main errors we found when recognizing music from third-party applications is solved. This new version Ensures recognition of music from other apps even with headphones connected. The user really doesn't have to do anything, but compatibility has arrived with version 17.3.

Now you can identify songs using wired or wireless headphones. You just have to open the app and, when you see the headphones icon on the home screen, you can start searching for music from other apps or from wherever you are.

Shazam remembers that the function works with any type of headphones Whether they are official, Bluetooth, third-party or cable. The important thing is that there is a connection, whether wireless or wired. From that moment on, we will see the headphones symbol in the top status bar and Shazam will begin to recognize the songs played as long as we activate the application.

Shazam (AppStore Link) Shazam (AppStore Link)