Apple Music Classical is Apple’s new streaming service attached to the Apple Music subscription that collects millions of pieces of classical music. This new app has been available since the launch of iOS 16.4 worldwide and Apple will take advantage of WWDC23 to release chest from the launch after the purchase of Primephonic in August 2021. Another app that also depends on the big apple is Shazam, the app that allows you to recognize any song that is playing, which has been updated allowing you to open music directly in Apple Music Classical.

Open classical music in Apple Music Classical from Shazam

Shazam is one of the most useful tools that everyone has to know. In fact, the purchase by Apple in 2018 and the subsequent integration into the iOS ecosystem allows the user to recognize songs directly from the Control Center. Beyond that, advancements with Shazam continue to happen and updates are released on a regular basis.

Apple Music Classical

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Why has Apple released Apple Music Classical as a standalone app?

The new update is version 15.33 released yesterday. This new update finally integrates the app with Apple Music Classical. This allows if we launch Shazam to recognize a piece of classical music, when it is recognized directly, the application give the ability to open Apple Music Classical to play it. It is a logical advance considering the launch of the new music service a few months ago by Apple.

Remember that Apple Music Classical is available everywhere Apple Music is available except for China, Japan, Russia, Taiwan, Turkey, and South Korea. The app is compatible with all those devices with iOS 15.4 or later and that those who are subscribed to Apple Music, can enjoy the classical music service Without aditional costs.

Shazam (App Store Link)