Should I buy an iPhone 14 or wait for the iPhone 15?

The iPhone 14 does not quite compensate

The novelties as such are only in the Pro range of the iPhone 14. On the one hand, the A16 processor is not present in the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus. In fact, these two models have the same processor that we already had in the iPhone 13. And in terms of aesthetic issues, only the 14 Pro and Pro Max have the dynamic island. We say goodbye to the notch, but it continues to exist on the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus.

More than an iPhone 14, we have a “decaffeinated iPhone 13S”. That yes, with a price that removes the dream, since, in these moments, the most basic model starts at 1009 euros. More than a thousand euros for a phone with 128GB capacity and with features, for the most part, from last year. And be careful, with this we do not mean that it is a bad phone. In fact, it is a very good product. But that does not agree as to what they want to sell us, and what we end up getting.

The purchase of an iPhone is not, therefore, something banal. It is a considerable investment of money, in a product that can last us much longer than any other competing phone. But if the idea is to get the best possible performance, for the price we are going to pay, then the iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Plus are not the best option.

The iPhone 15 would change the rules of the game

Rumors of the next iPhone are gaining more and more strength. But there is one of them in particular, which is especially notorious and would be very good news for consumers, if it were to be true: goodbye, Lightning, goodbye. The iPhone’s historic Lightning port could say goodbye, and we would welcome the USB Type-C connection standard (finally!). The EU has put a lot of pressure on the big companies to unify all the loading ports. And beyond the logistical and environmental reasons, the truth is that the Lightning port was a good idea, but over ten years ago.

Leaked iPhone 15

It is not consistent that one of the most innovative phones on the market clings to a connector whose speeds are to the USB 2.0 standard, that you need to use certified or official accessories and that we have to have everything in duplicate, just because the iPhone has Lightning. And yes, it’s true: lots of people have an iPhone. But the next iPhone will be presented in 2023, and new times require new needs.

For this fact alone, wait for the next generation of iPhone. But you also have to see the leap in the processor, the improvements in the camera, the screen technology, and all the items that have been left out of the “standard” range of the iPhone 14. Because, in the end, we will be paying more than thousand euros for characteristics of a year ago.

However, the final purchase decision will be yours. We offer you a technical point of view and, although it is true that an iPhone 14 is a very good phone, as we say, the price that Apple asks does not match what Apple ends up offering us. Hence this exercise in honesty.