Shazam is one of the most useful tools on the market, if not the best, to detect what music we are listening to with just a couple of seconds of listening. In September 2018, Apple purchased the platform with the goal of fully integrating the platform into its operating systems. It has been in iOS and iPadOS 16 when Shazam has finally been integrated into the synchronization of the platform and the application itself that is still available in the App Store. The iOS 16.3 update has added a small new animation to Shazam integrated into Siri through the operating system itself.

A new design with animation when using Shazam with Siri in iOS 16.3

It is rare that today there is someone who does not know Shazam and its main function. If you are one of them… we show you how to take advantage of one of the best tools available today. It is an app integrated into iOS (although there is also its own app in the App Store) that allows recognize the songs we are listening to with just a few seconds of listening.

Apple integrates Shazam into iOS and iPadOS through the virtual assistant Siri and through quick access with a widget in the control center. Thanks to the new iOS 16.3 update released a few days ago, the concept we had until now of deploying the tool through Siri is being turned around. This update includes a new animation in the form of blue waves coming out of the notification at the top when listening is initiated via a Siri command.

This change is nothing more than a visual change that does not affect the normal operation of quick access, far from it. But it adds a more attractive touch for the user who wants to use this tool from time to time. Remember that if you have the Shazam app installed, when you recognize something directly from Siri or the control center, it will be integrated into the list of songs registered in the app itself since the launch of iOS and iPadOS 16.

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