Siri To Get A Gender Neutral Voice In The New iOS 15.4 Update

Apple is working on massive improvements to Siri, its virtual assistant, for the impending iOS 15.4 release. According to Axios, Apple intends to include two additional gender-neutral voices in Siri in its future version.

Apple has previously confirmed the news to the paper, stating that a new Siri voice for English speakers will be added shortly.

It’s worth remembering that this isn’t the first time Apple has changed Siri’s voice. Last year, the business released two additional Siri voices, allowing users of Apple devices to select a voice other than the usual female voices accessible in Apple products.

Siri’s New Voice Was Recorded By A Member Of The LGBTQ+ Community

Essentially, the business introduced two male voices to provide consumers with greater variety while breaking loose from the ease of having female voices for virtual assistants. Apple is now planning to add gender-neutral voices to the mix to increase diversity and inclusion.

Siri’s English-language options now include British, American, Irish, Indian, Australian, and South African accents.

Notably, iOS 15.4, which is slated to be released in the spring of this year, will probably deliver a slew of new and essential changes, as well as bug fixes. 

According to previous reports, Apple is aiming to introduce a new feature that would allow iPhone owners to unlock their phones while wearing a face mask. The improved FaceID function will recognize a person and, as a result, unlock the iPhone by using the region around the eyes. Screenshots of Apple’s UI when activating this function reveal that the firm claims that the technology will work most correctly when configured for full-face recognition.

Additionally, the impending iOS 15.4 update is likely to include new emojis as well as Universal Control to iPhones. Apple also intends to add anti-stalking notifications to AirTag and other Find My devices.