SkyGrid Drops New All-In-One Drone App For iOS Globally

SkyGrid, a Boeing SparkCognition subsidiary, is enabling the next wave of self-driving aircraft. Being the first airspace management solution built on blockchain technology and AI tackles the industry’s most difficult challenges in integrating unmanned drones into complex, quickly changing airspace. Its intelligent technology monitors, forecasts, and adjusts to shifts in the external environment, aircraft structures, and regulatory variables, allowing a wide range of commercial drone activities, from parcel delivery to aerial transportation, to be securely enabled. SkyGrid is an FAA-approved LAANC air service provider, granting flight approvals to hundreds of drone pilots in the United States.

iPad And iPhone Users Can Access Their Drone Using SkyGrid

SkyGrid today announced the global availability of its SkyGrid Flight ControlTM application. For iPad and iPhone users all around the world, the all-in-one drone software is now freely available on the Appstore. Drone operators may use the Flight Control app to explore the sky, automate flights, and gain real-time insights all in one place, resulting in safe, secured, and efficient operations.

SkyGrid Flight Control, which is powered by AerialOSTM, allows drone pilots to explore airspace and automate airspace permission, route planning, and flight implementation all in one place.

Flight Control also integrates with the Federal Aviation Administration’s Low Altitude Authorisation and Notification Capability (LAANC) 4.0 to give automatic approval to fly in US-regulated airspace under 400 feet near airports for US-based customers.

Organizations wishing to deploy, control, and grow their drone operations may make use of more advanced corporate functionality. AI-based flight planning and reconfiguring, multi-drone operations, bespoke item identification, and tracking, micro-weather, geolocation and warnings, and more are among the features available.