Snapchat Now Allows You To Share YouTube Videos Directly

To share a YouTube video using Snapchat, you no longer need to copy-paste or otherwise twist yourself. Users on Android and iOS may now post YouTube videos right from the camera, whether they’re sharing them to Stories or individual Snaps. Viewers will be sent to a video in either the YouTube app or a web browser if you use creative layers like text, and automated stickers will send them directly to a video in either the YouTube app or a web browser. Snapchat, the popular social media platform, has announced that users on iOS and Android may now directly submit Youtube videos to the app.

According to Snapchat, over 2 billion logged-in users use YouTube each month to watch videos that help them discover new music, develop new skills, keep up with the news, and learn more about the world around them.

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Simply touch “share” in the YouTube app and select Snapchat when given the choice. This is the first time that YouTube URLs may be visually posted to Snap Stories and one-on-one Snaps while still having access to the Camera and the complete suite of Creative Tools.

Sharing vertical videos from popular apps like TikTok and Instagram will be more appealing. However, if you uncover a must-see YouTube video, it should save you some time, and it should be especially useful for sharing Shorts that are well-suited to Snapchat’s app. “Our clickable YouTube stickers take Snapchatters right to the video via the YouTube app or in their chosen mobile browser,” according to the startup.

“We believe in the power of visual communication at Snap, and with this collaboration, we’re providing our community unlimited opportunities to express themselves, share what they’re seeing, and build on their creative views,” it continued.