So you can be an Apple member

What is an action?

A stock is a very small part of a company. In general, companies start with private investors, to whom in exchange for money, a part of the company is given, later, if it continues to grow and you want to continue expanding, the investments are made public for any user who may have access. In this circumstance, it is when we can participate in it. By buying a share, we would be buying a part of that company, it is obvious that you are not going to make decisions about the company, since generally, those who make those decisions are the largest shareholders or the owners of the same but if you can benefit from owning a company, because if the company is growing the price of the share also rises and, therefore, the value of its sale is greater than the initial payment you made, earned money for that action.

Along with it, you also get dividend income. Apple makes dividends among its shareholders every year, that is, it distributes a certain economic value based on the shares you have. Apple performs this practice once a year or once a fiscal quarter.

How to buy the action?

To buy the share, we have to have money deposited and secondly, look at the company that you want to deposit money with. There are many pages where you can buy shares and it will depend to a large extent on your preferences. However, they have a similar operation in the purchase of a portion of the company. If in any company that buys and sells shares, all the information about the action appears, where we see what each share is worth. This is accompanied by a graph that we can put by day, week or month. If we want to review this action frequently, the favorites option appears. This way, we can quickly see all the necessary changes.

Broker account

As you know, to invest in the purchase of any share, we have to create an account with a broker, in Spain the most famous is Degiro. However, you have to identify yourself and create an account together with the identity documents. Once you have been accepted, all that would be necessary is to deposit money and determine which Apple shares we are going to buy. Several options appear:

  • Full account: All the money we have in the account appears, whether invested or not invested.
  • Purse: the value of our investments at the current market moment
  • euro: the money available in cash in the app.
  • Free margin: the amount we have available to invest.
  • Day +/-: Amount that we have won or lost in the day.

Apple Store Madrid

Finally, on all stock buying/selling platforms, we have the option to deposit or withdraw money, where we have two options: we can enter money through software or enter money a manual transfer to the app account. Just as we have the option to enter, we have the options to withdraw, which is the same procedure as entering. This shows us the user data, IBAN, amount and description of the transfer. Once we have verified the data, we click on withdraw.