So you can change the password of your Wi-Fi router from the iPhone

Did you know that you can change the password of your Wi-Fi router from the iPhone? Without connecting to a computer, you can change your Wi-Fi network password through your phone’s internet browser. Using Safari and specific web addresses, you will be able to do it without complications. If you want to know the details, in this post we tell you how to do it.

Change your Wi-Fi password on the operator router

The most logical thing to have an Internet connection is to have a contract with an operator. That is why, having a network line, the operator provides us with a Wi-Fi router with an assigned username and password. However, we can always change the password, so as not to have to type dozens of random characters.

To change your Wi-Fi password from iPhone, you will need be connected to the Wi-Fi network for which we want to change the password. Depending on the operating network, you have variations in the web address to enter. However, keep in mind that if you have an internet line with a virtual MVNO (Jazztel, Simyo, O2) you will have to ask which network you have service from. Normally, the operators that have the same coverage work with the same address. However, make sure before configuring. Next we must open Safari, and enter one of the following addresses:

  • (Movistar, Orange, MasMovil)
  • (Vodafone)
  • http://livebox (Orange)

Once we have entered the address, we will wait a few seconds until we see a login page, which will ask us for some access data. These access data are usually given by the operator, and in some cases, they ask us to enter the current password of our Wi-Fi network, for example, as in the case of Orange. Thus. We recommend that you follow the instructions of your internet providerand always make sure that the access data they provide you is correct.

Once we are inside the internal configuration of our router, the appearance of the page differs quite a bit, depending on the company (or the router model) that we have. In this case, we are going to illustrate the password change with the Orange Livebox router. Because, although the appearance does change, the steps to follow are not much different.

Once we have logged in, we must look for the Wi-Fi network configuration section. And when we are there, we will see the parameters that correspond to our network: such as the name and password. Well, directly from the iPhone, just change the characters in the field “Password” and save the settings.

change password iphone router

Of course, keep in mind that, once you have changed the password, you must re-enter the new password on all the devices that are connected to your network. As a curiosity, this procedure can also be done from an iPad. And the steps to follow are exactly the same. It must also be said that page display on iPhone looks much smaller, since these configurations do not usually have a design that adapts to each screen. So you should zoom in and be careful not to press an option that is not. On the iPad, however, things are different, due to the larger screen size they have.