So you can customize your Apple Watch in the Apple store

The Apple Watch is much more than a digital watch. It is a device that saves lives, it is a watch that encourages you to lead a healthy life and it is also a fashion accessory. Apple knows this, and that is why it has launched a web section called Apple Watch Studio with which we can create our favorite combination of case, strap and size. So if you want to know how you can do it, this post interests you.

Your Apple Watch to your liking

Four Apple Watch models can currently be purchased at the official Apple store. And three of them can be customized with Apple Watch Studio. In this configurator we have available the Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 8, and Apple Watch SE. Only the Apple Watch Ultra is left out (at least, for now) and it cannot be configured in this section. But if the next smartwatch that you are going to buy is one of these three, then you can create it to your liking.

To start customizing an Apple Watch, we must go to Apple Watch Studio. Here we will see a main screen with a button that says Start. When we start, we will be able to choose the Apple Watch collection that we want to create. In addition, we will be shown the three basic parameters to configure the clock: the size of the case, the design and material of the case and strap What are we going to put on it?

customize apple watch

The first thing that appears to us is an example configuration that we will have to modify. In the same way, the price that we will see on the screen will change depending on the configuration that we choose. The first thing that we are going to have to do is select the size of the clock. Next, we will have to select the design and construction materials of the box.

customize apple watch strap

Once we have selected the size and the box, the next step to configure is the strap. Please note that not all straps will be available for both case sizes. In the same way, we will not be able to choose any strap in all the collections. A clear example is the Apple Watch Hermès straps, which we will only be able to select if we want to create our Apple Watch through the Hermès model.

apple watch strap size

When we have selected the size of the watch, the materials of the case and the strap, we will have to press the save button. To go to the purchase screen, we will have to select the option No, I have finished. This will have your design configured and ready for purchase. In the final section, however, there is one more section to configure.

When we are on the purchase screen, we will be asked to select the size of the strap. Although we can select from a large number of straps, they are available in different sizes. If we do not know what our appropriate size is, we will have to press the Determine strap size button in order to check the measurements that will best fit our wrist. When we have everything selected, we will have to complete the purchase in the same way as with any other Apple product purchased on the official website.