So you can get an iPhone for less than €300 thanks to PcComponentes

Possibly on more than one occasion you have considered the purchase of a juicy iPhone, those mobiles as precious as they are expensive, reserved for a premium clientele in which, of course, you also want to be. If your pocket does not allow it, we are happy to tell you that yes, that you are also premium and that now thanks to PcComponentes you can have a cheap iPhone.

If there is something that we can highlight above all the good questions that this catalog of reconditioned PcComponentes can provide us within its replay section is that we are not only going to find mobile phones, but we can find all kinds of electronics, which can be from Apple mobiles or computers even high-end consoles such as a playstation 5. And if we are in sales season, the price of these items drops completely, leaving absolute bargains.

Focusing on Apple and mobile, we propose that don’t spend more than €300 on an iPhone phone. The way to do it? Very easy. In the PcComponentes reconditioned tab you will find what you need.

Find your iPhone at a spectacular price

Among all the possibilities that we have of finding cheap mobiles in PcComponentes, one of the most popular is that these mobiles are from Apple, one of the brands that has the most refurbished products in this extensive catalogue.

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First of all, if we want to have our iPhone for less than €300, we have to go to the PcComponentes reconditioned iPhones section and once there, start filtering. You should look at the image that we leave you below the way in which we have placed the filters, putting within the price, a maximum of €300, so that now we see all the Apple mobiles that are in that price range that we have set to buy this refurbished mobile. And once this fork has been marked, the time has come to choose your mobile phone; and we anticipate that there are some very interesting ones.

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When looking for a mobile phone, some of the most TOP phones that we can find it’s the iPhone X, a mobile that in its day was totally transgressive, laying the foundations of the famous notch of Apple mobiles; a phone that can still give you fabulous performance today. Although you can also find others like iPhone XR or iPhone SE. Although it will also be a perfect occasion for those who consider themselves vintage, being able to find phones that Apple no longer supports, such as the iPhone 6s, for just over €100.

After selecting the mobile you want to buy, you simply have to carry out the natural purchase processjust as you would do with any other item through PcComponentes, receiving your refurbished phone at home soon.

And if you have any kind of doubt, you can count on all the guarantees of PcComponentes, making sure that the mobile that you are going to receive beyond being found, of course in perfect condition, has the due guarantee of a product as if it were new. PcComponentes refurbished mobiles may have up to 3 years warrantyso that their duration is more than assured.

And now tell us, with this trick that we just gave you, who doesn’t have an iPhone now? It will be because you don’t want to, because PcComponentes and its great reconditioners offer us a large number of options to be able to get hold of different devices at a good price.