So you can get your personalized playlist by Apple of 2022

We are on the last day of November, which means that Christmas is practically a reality. With it also comes the end of the year, and one of the most common things is to take stock. Well, that’s exactly what Apple does with its Apple Replay, give you a balance and a playlist of the music you’ve listened to the most during 2022. Keep reading that we’ll tell you how you can get it and what’s new this year.

Steps to get it

Can have a compilation with the songs you have listened to the most throughout the year It is also a good and beautiful way to remember some of the most important moments that you have lived during the last 365 days, and Apple makes it really easy for you. The Cupertino company’s Replay is something they’ve been doing for years, and of course Apple Music users love it.

It is nothing more than a personalized playlist for each user with the 100 songs they have listened to the most during the year. Of course, this year comes with a surprise, since we can say that Apple “has copied” to a certain extent from its rival, Spotify. We will talk about this later, first we will tell you the steps to follow in order to get your personalized playlist.

  1. on your iPhone or any other device, open Safari.
  2. Search for “Replay 2022”or just click on this link.
  3. Click on “Start”.
  4. Enter your credentials corresponding to your Apple ID.
  5. Follow the steps that indicate you on the screen to discover all the data collected about your musical activity in Apple Music.
  6. At the end you will have the possibility to introduce your 2022 replay inside your music library.

Apple “copy” to Spotify

This 2022 Apple has gone a step further than usual and that is, imitating in a certain way what Spotify does, it offers much more information about all the music you have listened to during this 2022. To begin with, the entire presentation has a new design that imitates what a series of Instagram stories would be, they have called this «highlights reel«.

replay 2022

After this, it provides the user with different metrics and very relevant data on the music activity of 2022. First, it shows the 10 songs that each user has listened to the mostfollowed by top 10 most streamed artists, most played albumsY the playlist you’ve listened to the most. In addition, as a novelty, those of Cupertino allow you to share all this data in a very visual way on the different social networks, providing you with the content they have created in a really attractive way and, above all, adapted to the different ways of publication. , since for example, on Instagram you can share it as a publication, story or private message.

Undoubtedly, on this occasion Apple has evolved a concept that was somewhat behind what its competition has always done in this regard, Spotify, and of course all Apple Music users celebrate that, to end this 2022, we can know this data in this attractive way and, above all, that we can share it with other users.