So you can have infinite storage on the iPad

One of the biggest concerns that users of an iPad have is storage, and that for several generations, iPads start with very small storage capacities, specifically, 64 GB. For this reason, and since the iPad is a device for professionals, We want to recommend two solutions so that you have infinite storage capacity on your iPad, regardless of the version you have.

Use the best SSD hard drive for iPad

There are many very interesting offers and alternatives external SSD for your iPad, although those of the brand SanDisk They are one of the best options along with those offered by Apple on its official page. Regarding your Construction materials, This SanDisk SSD is formed from forged aluminum that acts as a heat sink to deliver consistently higher speeds in portable memory. In addition, it has the fall protection up to two meters, resistance to IP55 grade dust and water resistant.

We can find this SSD disk in different versions, although the most interesting is the one that offers us the greatest capacity because we seek to have unlimited storage. Therefore, the version we recommend is the one with a data transfer rate of 2000MB/s, having capacities of 1 and 2 TB and four TB. We also find a slightly smaller version, which are 1050MB/s, which also has very interesting reading speeds and with half the storage of the commented versions.

Finally, it is important to remember that iPads with USB-C are the following:

  • iPad Pro 2018 and later
  • iPad Air (4th gen.) and later
  • iPad mini (6th gen.)
  • 10th generation iPad, although data transfer is reduced.

iPad 10 + Magic Keyboard

Use iCloud subscription plans

All Apple users know iCloud, Apple’s cloud service that is available to all users of the bitten apple and that starts with five GB of free storage. Therefore, the normal thing is that if you use the iPad as main device, is that you run out of storage in a short time, so the option of having all your files in the cloud without taking up space is a very interesting option. Apple, in its iCloud plan, offers four alternatives:

  • Free plan: 0 euros/month. 5GB.
  • iCloud+ with 50 GB of storage: 50 GB: 0.99 euros/month
  • iCloud+ with 200 GB of free storage: 200 GB: 2.99 euros
  • iCloud + with 2 TB of free storage: 14.99 euros


If you want a large amount of storage, the first two options are not worth it, so you should choose the last two plans. Both plans are adapted for those users who seek to have practically unlimited storage, and who wish to store documents, photos or videos for both family and work use. With this storage, you will be able to access from anywhere to all the content you have in the iCloud cloud without having to carry peripherals that take up space and that can break over time.

Leave us in the comments what storage you have on your iPad and how you value the possibility of applying the mentioned options to obtain infinite storage.