So you can install fonts on the iPhone easily

How to install fonts on iPhone

Since iOS 14 it is possible to install fonts on the iPhone officially. Gone is a dedicated profile for each font, which we had to download over the Internet. Currently, we have applications that we can download from the App Store and many of them are completely free. The first thing we are going to see is the setting with which we can manage the fonts. For this, we are going to Settings> General> Fonts. If we have not installed any fonts, this section will show us a message that invites us to visit the App Store, to download applications that allow fonts to be installed.

Later in this post, we will leave you some recommendations for this type of apps. But, for now, you have to know that the operation is very simple: we install the app, select the source and click on the install option. If it is the first time that we are going to install a font, the iPhone will show us a box that will inform us that this font will be added to Fonts.

When we go back to Settings> General> Fonts, we will see the font we have installed. If we have more than one, they will appear in the form of a list. Each font has a drop-down panel of options that It will show us the following data:

  • The name of the font
  • The memory space it occupies
  • The app with which we have installed it
  • The installation date
  • The developer of the application we have used
  • The fonts we have installed

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Fonts have different shapes. Thanks to these, we can write texts in bold, italics, underlined, etc. It is important to note that, if we only have installed, for example, the Normal form of this font, this will be the only variant that we can use. Depending on the application, we can install more or less fonts, in its various forms. That is why, beyond the apps that we recommend, we also invite you to browse the App Store to discover those that you might like the most.

Now, by relying on applications to install fonts, you may have the following question: What happens if I delete the application? Will the font be uninstalled? Well, the truth is that yes. We can only use those fonts that we have installed, as long as we don’t delete the app with which we did it. So it is a very important detail to take into account if we intend to install many fonts, using different applications. The only limitation there is the memory space of the iPhone. So we can make use of as many fonts as we want, as long as we have space. This, and that, if we download an application with payment sources, we will need to pay for them before downloading them.

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