So you can return items in the Apple Store

If you have bought an item in the Apple Store, either in a physical store or through the web, we are going to teach you how the process works to return it for a refund. We will explain the most important details that you should know, as well as the conditions under which we will obtain a full refund. So if you are interested in knowing how you can do it yourself, in this post we are going to explain it to you.

This is how the process works

If you want to return an Apple product, purchased through the website, you have to know that you are going to have 14 days to be able to do it. And that the product must contain all the accessories it came with and must be in perfect condition (no breaks, scratches, etc.) if we want to obtain a full refund.

The first thing we must do to process a return is to enter the specific Apple website called Order Status. Here we are going to open a portal in which, before our product arrives, we can check how it is going. But we can also cancel it. And if we have already received the product, we will have to enter our shipping number and the email address associated with that order.

This email address is not necessarily going to be our Apple ID. It may be the case that we have made the purchase with an address other than that of our Apple ID. So it is important that you take this detail into account, so that you can correctly visualize the information.

The mechanics are simple. When we follow the instructions on the screen, we will be shown a label that we must print to put it together with the package (or the product box) to return it since, in many places where there is no physical Apple Store, the package will be sent by courier . The complete information that we must provide to return an order is the following:

  • Order number of our product
  • Full address) where we want the carrier to come to pick up the package
  • Phone number so they can contact us
  • Date and Time in which we want them to pick up the package with the products to be returned

apple store order status

And how does the money back work? Will we receive the money when we deliver the product? The truth is that it will take a few days to receive that money, since it will only be refunded once our product has reached the Apple collection centers. In the event that we have paid with a credit or debit card, we will receive the money (automatically) to the same account with which we have made the payment. However, if we have paid with an Apple gift card (the Apple Gift Card), we will receive that refunded amount in the form of another card that we will receive by email.

The refund of money it will take 5-7 daysso if we have problems receiving our amount, once the deadline has passed, the best option is to contact Apple directly, calling the telephone number 900 150 503 (from Spain).