Sending multimedia material is one of the most important attractions of instant messaging services. In recent months, WhatsApp is improving this aspect with improvements such as the one introduced a few months ago that allowed users to send images and videos in HD definition and not with the automatic compression that was previously done. However, there was no option to send this content in this quality automatically. Until today. WhatsApp now allows users to define the quality in which they want to send their multimedia content by default, We show you how to modify this setting below.

In the end we can send photos in HD by default through WhatsApp

A few weeks ago we told you how to send images and videos in higher quality at this link. This function had been incorporated with the aim of improving the compression in which the content was sent to prevent the quality from being the highest possible and not being lost in the sending as has been happening since the beginning of WhatsApp.

In a new update, the Meta instant messaging social network has decided incorporate an option that allows the user to decide in what quality they want to send the multimedia content by default. That is, the user could decide to send photos and videos in HD without having to activate the quality increase manually in each sending.

WhatsApp Passkey

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To do this, access WhatsApp Settings from the bottom menu and look for the option that says Storage and data. Next, look for the “File upload quality” option within the Media File Quality section. Once inside, we can decide the two options with which to send our files by default:

  • Standard Quality: We are informed that shipping will be faster but quality will be lower
  • HD Quality: Shipping will be slower but the file will be 6 times better quality

Once configured, WhatsApp will send the photos and videos with the quality chosen by default. Thanks to this we will not have to add the “HD” option to each video and photo we send.