So you can use other voice assistants on your iPhone

Voice assistants are among us, everywhere. And in the case of the iPhone, You can not only invoke Siri, but you also have other alternatives. That is why in this post, we tell you what they are and even how you can replace Siri, without having to install applications that modify the iPhone software.

Alternatives to Siri on the iPhone

Siri is the assistant that comes by default on our iPhones (and on all Apple products), and therefore can’t uninstall. But what the iPhone does allow is downloading the official applications of the two most popular assistants today. Both apps are free and can be downloaded from the App Store.

The two apps are Google Assistant (Google) and Alexa (Amazon). Although these applications work as assistants in themselves, that is, with the app you can already execute commands and actions, they are also designed to interact with other devices, such as the Nest, for the Google Assistant and the range of Amazon Echo products. . With which, you will not only be downloading a voice assistant, but also a virtual hub to interact with the ecosystem of your smart home.

Now, it is true that you can use both assistants, although for specific functions of the Apple environment, they are not designed for it. However, in the case of Google Assistant, you can have a deeper level of integration. And not only will you be able to invoke them from the application, but you can replace it with Siri (literally).

google assistant

Amazon Alexa
Amazon Alexa

So you can replace Siri with Google Assistant on iPhone

Yes, it is possible to replace Siri so that the Google Assistant is executed by pressing the side button of the iPhone, with the same one that we had always invoked Siri. To carry out this process, we will only need two applications: Google Assistant and Shortcuts. Yes, thanks to a very simple shortcut, Google Assistant will become our new Siri.

replace siri google assistant iphone

To do this, you have to open the Shortcuts app. Once we are there, we press the “+” button and then “Add Action”. In the “Categories” tab we will see an option called “Scripts”, we open it. In this same section, we select the option “Open App” and look for the “Google Assistant”. Press the “OK” button to save, and when we are back in the main menu, we rename the shortcut with the name “OK Google”

replace siri on iphone.

This is when the good stuff begins: when we invoke Siri by pressing the side button, and we Siri appears, we say “OK Google” and the Google Assistant will automatically jump out, ready to interact. In fact, it is surprising how fast the shortcut is executed, since there is hardly any delay and the experience of using the Google voice assistant is really fluid. In addition, the fact of being able to use a Google service as the main one, replacing that of Apple itself, is surprising.