So you can work at Apple

Apple’s technical service, both in the Apple Store and online, needs technicians who have extensive knowledge of La Manzana mordida to be able to work in the different areas that allow the proper functioning of the entire mega structure that is Apple. In this post, we analyze how you can work at Apple.

multitude of opportunities

From the official Apple page you can analyze the different offers that come out daily to cover all daily job vacancies. If you are interested in carrying out this application, you can write Opportunities in Apple and within the Apple website, click on Search jobs.

The work is done from home and it is necessary to have prior training on all Apple products. The areas of work are varied, so you can find your ideal job: content editing, graphic design, user experience design, production, web analysis, content strategy and program management. However, there are also jobs that you were probably unaware of, such as the ones we are going to mention below.

Marketing Team


Apple’s marketing team works directly with product designers and engineers. This collaboration allows us to have a vision much more complete product and take advantage of Apple products to get users to get more out of their drives.

This Marketing team works on three main areas: Service marketing, product marketing and marketing communications. If you want to know more about any of the offers, you can access the links offered under the subsections and choose the one that interests you the most.



If you have always wanted to work at Apple, this is one of the best opportunities to work with them doing the practices undergraduate and postgraduate finals. The duration of the internship is variablesince you can work from a few practical stations to an entire course.

The elaboration of the practices responds to the training that you are doing in your degree or postgraduate, that is, if you are an electrical engineer, you will work in that sector. Therefore, you have the possibility of working in any section of the company and why not, with the possibility of starting to develop your professional career within the Californian firm.

Product development and production


The quality of Apple products is beyond doubt and all users who love the apple, bitten or not, speak highly of the finish and quality of their products. Apple, offers the possibility of working in the development and production process of the equipment so that the supply chains develop the products developed by Cupertino at its headquarters with millimeter quality.

If you want to work in the development, production and management of products, you can sign up for offers business analysis, business project management and demand management, supply for launch preparation and retail and e-commerce management.

If you are interested in any of the following categories, you can click on them and analyze the places where the following jobs are offered to see if they are close to your town or university. However, you can always move to your new job and start a new adventure and the possibility of promotion in the most valuable and prestigious company in the world.