Solutions to Apple Pencil charging problems

The Apple Pencil It has become an essential complement to the iPad, becoming one of the most different elements compared to the competition. However, sometimes, it can present small connection and charging problems, where we are going to analyze what solutions can be given.

How to fix Apple Pencil charging issues?

There are several really effective solutions to get your Apple Pencil to load correctly. However, before analyzing the possible errors, it is important to remember that there are two different systems to charge the Apple Pencil. On one hand, the pencil first generation are charged through the Lightning connector, while the second generation They are loaded magnetically on the iPad. Next we will analyze the possible solutions to restore the connection:

  1. Restart our iPad: restarting the device can be the simplest and most effective solution of all. Since, you can reconfigure and readjust all the parameters of the tablet, so it is possible that your Pencil will reload and work without problem.
  2. Update iPad to the latest version: It is always recommended to have the iPad updated to the latest version, to avoid bugs, loss of stability and incompatibility of accessories such as the Apple Pencil. To update the iPad, in the Settings app, General, click on Software Update and, after that, try charging our pencil again.
  3. Charge our iPad: The iPad needs battery to be able to transfer it to the Apple Pencil. To charge our Pencil, the battery of the device must always be above 10%. If it’s below that threshold, they may not allow charging to prevent a complete shutdown of the Tablet.
  4. You haven’t used the Pencil for a long time: If you haven’t had Apple Pencil for several months, it may have been fully discharged. Therefore, it may take a little longer to start charging as usual.
  5. Ensure a good connection between the iPad and second generation pencil: the second generation of pencil is attached magnetically and has to be in a central position and adhered correctly. If not, and the iPad is located at one end, it may not be able to charge.
  6. Repair Apple Pencil: One last option is to re-pair the Apple Pencil again, so that a connection is made from zero. To do this iPad Settings, in the Bluetooth section, we can touch the “i” next to the Apple Pencil and touch “forget this device”. After restarting the iPad we connect the Pencil again so that it pairs with the iPad and we can charge it.

Apple Pencil and iPad

What to do if nothing has worked?

If the problem persists once you have done the following tips, the best thing to do is Go to the Apple Store or an authorized technical service. There you can explain your case, indicating all the possible solutions that you have tried and they will be the ones who can help you solve this connection problem between the iPad and the Apple Pencil.

A second option is to have a conversation through the Apple official chatwhere they will ask you for the serial number of both devices and the steps you have taken so that they can indicate other possible solutions and settings that allow a correct connection between the device and its accessory quickly and efficiently.