Some AirPods Pro for 115 euros, is it possible?

Apple headphones are one of those products that the vast majority of users want to have within their ecosystem, especially AirPods Pro, which have truly enviable features and design. Well, what if I tell you that you can have something similar to the AirPods Pro but for much less money? Specifically for 115 euros. How are you staying? Keep reading and I’ll tell you everything.

Today it is practically essential for any user to have good headphones that have that sound quality and noise cancellationso necessary in many moments, either to disconnect from the daily routine or just the opposite, to achieve that much-needed concentration in many moments. However, not all the options on the market are capable of performing at the same level and offering a good user experience in these two important points.

Apple’s AirPods Pro are those headphones that, of course, more than meet these two facets, however the price they have causes many users to think twice about buying them, since in the end spending 299 euros is an investment that must be considered very seriously. Now, keep reading because for much less money you can have very similar headphones.

Nothing ear (1), almost AirPods Pro, for less than half the price

Nothing is one of the companies that has been causing the most talk in recent months thanks to the good work it is doing with its products. In fact, despite the fact that its equipment is the responsibility of Apple, Apple users view with good eyes everything that this European company is doing, since both the design lines and the way of doing things are very much in the Cupertino line.

A good example of this are the Nothing ear (1), headphones with best value for money that you will be able to find throughout the market. they cost 115 eurosand while they obviously fall short of everything that the 2nd-gen AirPods Pro are capable of, they don’t fall as far as you might expect for the price.

The first thing that catches your eye is the designYes, it looks very similar in shape to that of the AirPods Pro, but of course Nothing has been able to give it its completely personal touch and the truth is that aesthetically they are very original. But above all, if there is something to highlight about these headphones, it is that for 115 euros you have a great sound quality and very good noise cancellation. In fact, there are many headphones that far exceed the price of these Nothing Ear (1) and do not reach the benefits offered by these.

Nothing ear 1 and AirPods Pro

Therefore, if you were thinking of buying quality headphones, but you did not want to spend too much money on them, with these Nothing Ear (1) you will be really satisfied because you will not be able to find more for less. In addition, it is also an ideal gift for Christmas.