Some AirPods with a screen in the case?: Apple registers a new patent

AirPods are for many users one of the products they use the most on a daily basis. In fact, the constant investment that Apple is making in the development of the complete range of headphones is allowing more and more users to buy one of its models. A new patent registered by Apple shows how from Cupertino they are exploring adding a touch screen to the AirPods case that would allow interaction between the software and the user. A bridge between the device they are connected to and the headphones.

Apple files a patent for an AirPods case with a screen

In September 2022, Apple registered a new patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office. However, the media, including Patently Apple, have not echoed the news due to the delay in registration and publication by government agencies. The patent was registered under the name «Devices, methods, and graphical user interfaces for interacting with a headset cover» and can be downloaded in its entirety at the following link.

Ultimately, what Apple recorded is a way to give an extra function to the AirPods Pro case. As? In a simple way: adding a touch screen in its structure. This touch screen that can control the operations, as Apple calls it, that are associated with the headphones. Among these tasks may be: control playback, modify devices to which they are connected, change audio output mode, change isolation modes, etc.

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Also included are methods for interact with compatible applications like Mail, Phone, Camera… a screen extension of the device to which they are paired. Apple justifies the patent by introducing the touch screen, explaining that with this system would reduce or eliminate deficiencies associated with user control of wireless headsets.

Finally, remember that this is nothing more than a patent, an idea registered by Apple. However, what is clear is that from Cupertino continue to explore ways to enhance and improve their AirPods and follow the path of evolution that AirPods have had, especially the Pro, whose latest version includes a U1 chip and other additional technologies that improve the product in a real way.

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