Some iPhones do this at night and it is not known why

The arrival of the new iPhone models and the new iOS 17 operating system has not only brought good things. It would also apparently be producing a very strange type of failure in some models. And it is still not known why it happens, nor exactly which models are the most affected. What is known is that this has been happening very recently, and the consequences of this error. So if you want to know what is happening, we will tell you in this post.

A problem that is affecting different iPhone models is beginning to circulate on different social networks, which is really quite annoying on some occasions. As reported in the English-speaking news outlet MacRumors, there are some models that turn off by themselves during the night.

There are iPhones that turn off by themselves at night, without us doing anything

Imagine you leave your phone on your bedside table at night, set an alarm, and wait for it to ring the next day when you get up. You wake up and realize that the alarm hasn’t gone off. You check your phone, and it’s completely off. This is what is happening, and not only with the alarms, but directly, the device turns off without any type of warning.

This is not the only situation they have found themselves in. MacRumors reports the testimony of a Reddit user who explains the following: «Look at your phone’s battery and see that there is a vacuum during the night. Yesterday many iPhones turned off at night for a few hours. In my case the iPhone turned on again a minute before the alarm.

They also disclose other situations in which users must re-enter their passwords. “An indication that the iPhone has been restarted or turned off overnight,” they explain. They also release testimonies from the MacRumores forum, which relate the following situation: «My iPhone 15 Pro Max with iOS 17.0.3, spontaneously, restarted last night. The same thing has happened to three of my friends with the same iPhone and the same iOS, and to someone else with the iPhone 13 mini and the same iOS.

More technology media are echoing this problem, as is also the case with 9to5Mac, who also collect testimonies from different users who have similar problems.

«The issue affects iPhone 15s, but it also affects other devices, which suggests that this is something that occurs in iOS 17. Not all users experience this shutdown issue, nor does this seem to happen every night. It is not clear what is happening, and Apple has not yet commented on it,” they explain.

If you have this problem, tell us

Do you have an iPhone that turns off at night? What phone model do you have? What operating system do you have installed?

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