Sonos Era 100 and Era 300, the new generation of speakers

Sonos has made public its new generation of loudspeakers, Era 100 and Era 300with a renewed design, spatial sound, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and many more new features.

Sonos Era 100, the successor to the Sonos One

The new Era 100 is the model that comes to replace the Sonos One due to size, design and features. Slightly larger than the Sonos One, this new Era 100 features stereo sound thanks to its double tweeter and better bass thanks to a larger midwoofer. It has WiFi 6 connectivity to be able to enjoy the best wireless connectivity, but now we also have something that many users have been demanding for a long time: Bluetooth (5.0) connectivity.

Sonos Era 100 white

Touch buttons are added to be able to control our reproductions from the speaker itself, and of course from our smartphone thanks to the Sonos application. let’s not forget about the AirPlay 2 compatibility, which will allow us to transmit our music from any Apple device, with additional options such as Multiroom. It also has compatibility with amazon alexa, so we can use it as a smart speaker, not only to control music but to make any other request. It is not compatible with Apple or Google assistants.

In addition to wireless connectivity via WiFi and Bluetooth, the new Sonos Era 100 has a USB-C input to connect other devices. The manufacturer has not forgotten about the environment, and in addition to reducing the power consumption of the speaker to 2W at rest, it has added an energy saving mode and recycled plastic has been used for its construction. It is available in black and white, both in matt colour, and can be cBuy from March 28 for €279.

Sonos Era 100 black

Sonos Era 300 with Dolby Atmos

In the case of the Era 300, we are dealing with a completely new speaker where Sonos has managed to introduce the best technology in a very compact product. A total of six speakers pointing in four directions will allow you not only to enjoy Spatial Sound but also the best Dolby Atmos. The four tweeters are arranged so that one points forward, two to the sides and the last one upwards to project the sound up to the ceiling. The pair of woofers point to the sides to amplify the stereo.

Sonos Era 300 black

With that very special design, the Era 300 promises to be one of the best compact speakers for Dolby Atmos, and you can add a pair to your Sonos home theater system. With two Sonos Era 300 as rear speakers, a Sonos Arc or Sonos Beam 2 bar and a Sub or Sub Mini we will achieve an unbeatable Dolby Atmos experience. Regarding connectivity, we have the same features already mentioned in the Era 100: WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C. It also has compatibility with Amazon Alexa and has a button to mute the microphones in case we want to deactivate it. It will be available from March 28 in matte black and white, and its price is €499.

space sound

Sonos also announced today that the speakers Sonos Arc, Sonos Beam 2 and the new Era 300 will be compatible from the end of March with the Spatial Sound of Apple Music. They are also compatible with Amazon Music Unlimited Spatial Sound.