Sonos Move 2, too good to be portable

Sonos renews its most premium portable speaker, the Sonos Move, with a new model that, maintaining the same premises of the original, wants to convince a greater number of users that They need a speaker they can take anywhere without having to give up superior sound quality..

Sonos' bet when it launched the Sonos Move in 2019 was very risky because it completely changed the idea of ​​a portable speaker, combining superior sound quality with excellent autonomy and multiple connectivity options, including WiFi and AirPlay, but in exchange you had to pay a high price and also carrying a heavy product. Over the years this premium portable speaker has made its place in the market, and now with the Sonos Move 2 The company wants to maintain the essence of this model but improving its sound quality and some design tweaks.

Features and design

  • 241 x 160x 127mm
  • 3kg
  • 3x class D amplifiers
  • 1x dual tweeter
  • 1x midwoofer
  • microphone array
  • WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • AirPlay 2 compatible
  • USB-C (charging and auxiliary input)
  • 24 hours of autonomy
  • Charging base included
  • IP56 (dust and splashes)

With this size and weight it is clear that the Sonos Move 2 is not a conventional portable speaker. Its integrated battery allows you to take it anywhere and its wireless connectivity means you can connect directly to the internet via WiFi or to any smartphone via Bluetooth. But it is not a speaker to carry around while we move (the questionable need for that type of speakers is another topic). The Sonos Move 2 is designed so that we can use it anywhere without worrying about plugs, internet or cables, but obviously it is not meant to always be carried around.

Its design is practically identical to the previous model, although if we place them side by side they clearly differ. The Sonos Move 2 is more rounded, but maintains that perforated grille that occupies the entire side and front of its body, all made of good quality polycarbonate, giving the whole a solidity that, together with its weight, gives a very good feeling. The fact that there is no type of textile mesh makes cleaning it very easy, without being a magnet for dust or dirt in general. IP56 certification allows you to have peace of mind with the speaker in the garden or on the street.

Sonos Move 2

At the top we find the touch controls and microphone holes. This new Move 2 inherits from the new Era 100 and 300 the touch surface for volume control, much more practical than having to press a button several times to achieve the desired volume. We also have playback controls and a button dedicated to turning the virtual assistant on or off. A light indicator tells us the status of the assistant.

On the back, the large handle stands out, which allows you to comfortably transport a speaker of this weight. There we also have the power button, which activates Bluetooth connectivity and a physical button to deactivate the microphones and therefore the virtual assistant. The redundancy of this last button is somewhat strange, but the most distrustful always trust a physical switch more. At the bottom we have the USB-C connector that has multiple functions. The first is to recharge the speaker, but we can also use it to recharge our phone, we can even use it to connect a player of any type as an auxiliary input, although to do this you have to purchase a Jack to USB-C adapter that is not included in the box .

Sonos Move 2

We mentioned before how we could recharge the Move 2 via USB-C, but the way Sonos has thought of recharging its speaker is through a ring-shaped base. As we told you before, this Move 2 is designed to be placed in a place at home, on top of its charging ring, and take it when we want to go with the music to another place, with a full battery to give us entertainment for the 24 hours it promises. I have not been able to verify if it meets this autonomy, but I can tell you that no matter how many hours you use it uninterruptedly you will have remaining battery for a while.

Connectivity to choose from

The original Sonos Move was the first Sonos portable speaker with Bluetooth, a connection mode that makes perfect sense when we talk about mobility, but has its limitations in terms of quality. Since then Sonos has launched more devices with this connection, and of course it is not missing in the Sonos Move 2. However, it is a type of “secondary” connection, The speaker is designed to be used over WiFi, either with a direct internet connection or through AirPlay 2 if you have Apple devices.

Sonos app

In fact, to be able to use Bluetooth you will first need to configure your Sonos Move 2 with the Sonos application, for which you will need WiFi and an internet connection. If you have never used speakers from this brand you will not know it, but eThe configuration process could not be simpler and more direct. You plug in the speaker, open the application and it will detect it, from then on the entire process is perfectly directed and translated into Spanish, so you won't have any problems. Either from the Sonos application or through AirPlay 2 you can use Multiroom with other speakers from the brand (or AirPlay 2), you can even pair two Move 2 speakers to create a powerful stereo.

To listen to music you can use the Sonos application that integrates all the streaming music services you know (Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc.). You can even combine several of them and control them all from within the application. With it you can combine different Sonos speakers to listen to music on all of them perfectly synchronized. If you have Apple devices, you can also send the music using AirPlay, with the advantage that in addition to being able to send it to all Sonos speakers, all speakers compatible with this Apple transmission system will also be included, including HomePods. Finally, through Bluetooth, the Sonos Move 2 behaves like any Bluetooth speaker, you don't need an internet connection, just a smartphone, tablet or computer that connects to it.

Sound quality

Sonos says that this new Move 2 improves on the previous generation in sound quality and more realistic stereo and it doesn't lie. It sounds better than the original Move, that's more than evident, and the stereo achieved with a single speaker is more noticeable than with the previous model thanks to the arrangement of the two tweeters. Like the original model, the bass is quite relevant, but in this new Move 2 the sound is more detailed and balanced. It is not the classic portable speaker for pool parties, its sound quality is high but without giving up power that allows you to enjoy your favorite music at your outdoor parties.

Sonos Move 2

Sonos has improved its Trueplay system, which adapts the speaker's sound to its environment. If before you had to do a manual process that took you a couple of minutes moving your iPhone around the room, now it is a completely automatic process that recalibrates every time you move the speaker around, just as happens with the HomePod. If we compare its sound with the Era 300 from Sonos, located in the same price range, the quality is not comparable, but we cannot forget that we are talking about different speakers for different uses. The Era 300 is a better speaker, but it is not portable, it is not as durable and it does not have a built-in battery. If I had to buy a single speaker to always leave in the same location, my choice would be the Era 300. But if I need a single speaker that I want to move around the house, use at specific times outside of it, without a doubt I would go for the Move 2.

virtual assistant

An addition to Sonos speakers is the ability to configure a virtual assistant. Sonos offers us its own, but only in English, and we also have the possibility of adding Alexa, Amazon's assistant. This way we can control the music using our voice, including Amazon Music, Spotify and of course Apple Music. In addition to music control, we have all the options that Alexa offers us, including home automation control of lights and any accessory added to Amazon's home automation platform.

Sonos Move 2

Despite being an interesting feature for many, having the microphones listening is an inconvenience for others, so Sonos offers us the possibility of deactivating them and being left without an assistant. We can deactivate the assistant quickly by touching the touch button on the top of the speaker, and also we can deactivate the microphones completely using a physical switch located on the back of the speaker.

Editor's opinion

Sonos insists on the premium portable speaker market with the Sonos Move 2. With a more than evident sound improvement compared to its previous generation, the new Sonos speaker maintains functionalities not typical of portable speakers such as the virtual assistant or AirPlay 2 , along with an application that allows you to integrate all the most popular streaming music services. All this puts it in an unusual price range for portable speakers, but makes it the ideal speaker for anyone who wants to enjoy superior sound quality that can be taken anywhere. Available on Amazon for €499 (link) in any of its three colors.

Move 2
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  • Superior sound quality
  • Excellent autonomy
  • AirPlay 2, multi-room
  • Bluetooth
  • replaceable battery