Soundcore Q45, great cancellation and sound at a good price

Anker offers us its new Soundcore Q45 headphones with a superior noise cancellation and sound quality at what its price could make us imagine.

Soundcore, Anker’s sound brand, continues to offer us products with very good features in exchange for a very reasonable price, and the new Q45 over-ear headphones are an excellent example of this. Active noise cancellation, Bluetooth 5.3 with multipoint technologycertificates for high-resolution audio and a battery that gives it superior autonomy are some of its most outstanding features, which we analyze below.


Currently only available in black, they will soon be available in other colors such as navy blue and white. These are supra-aural headphones, which completely cover your ears. Its design is quite restrained, nothing that stands out, which in my opinion is a positive thing in headphones. They are mostly made of plastic. which makes them very light and comfortable. It adapts well to head size teeth, and they do not squeeze even in those of us who have a larger than average size. The hinges are made of aluminum alloy, which improves its durability.

Soundcore Q45 in its case

A hard case is included in the box for storage and transport. To introduce them you have to fold them, as little as they are allowed to fold. This means that the case is large, but in return we avoid hinges and other moving elements that are ultimately weak points where they can end up breaking. This Along with a good build quality, there are no doubts about its durability.. In the case we can also add the charging cable (USB-C) and a jack to jack cable, which will allow you to use them without having to resort to their battery.

The cups of the headphones are practically round, with the Soundcore logos on both, but without garishness. The pads are very soft, covered in synthetic fur., and they fit perfectly to your ears. The physical controls for the functions of these headphones are shared between both cups, as well as the USB-C connector and the jack input. We also find the microphone holes.

physical controls

Soundcore continues to opt for physical controls on its Q45 headphones, and on both cups we find several well-distributed buttons. In the right earphone we have the button to control playback, which if pressed twice will launch the virtual assistant of our smartphone, in the case of the iPhone, Siri. It also has the volume controls, which also serve to move forward or backward. In the left earphone we have the power button, which also has the function of activating the link mode to tell it to our device. We also have the button to change the different sound modes (transparency, cancellation) and bass boost.

We do not have touch controls, impractical in headphones of this size, and we do not have automatic ear detection either, so that if we remove the headphones the playback will continue. It is one of the few things that I miss in these headphones. The controls are also customizable from the Soundcore application (link), something that is always appreciated.

Sound quality

It is one of the strengths of these headphones. Very good quality sound at all frequencies. Out of the box they have a balanced sound, with relevant bass but without forgetting the rest of the frequencies, and they also have the advantage that you can customize it from your application, in case you want to highlight one frequency over another. It has fully customizable equalization and also predefined sound profiles, all of them in its application. compatibility with LDAC offers us high resolution soundbut on the iPhone we cannot enjoy that.

It also highlights its noise cancellation, frankly good and with automatic adaptation to outside noise, because the intensity of cancellation does not have to be the same in the subway as in the office. With active cancellation the sound does not suffer quality loss, something that is evident in most models of this middle class. Transparency mode allows you to clearly hear what is happening around you without having to pause playback, and its intensity can be customized. Both features more than meet expectations.

Of course, it has the possibility of being used as hands-free for phone calls or for video calls, and the sound quality that you hear and that you send with its microphones is more than correct. There are also no complaints regarding the volume of the soundI personally haven’t had to turn the volume up to more than half at any time.

Multipoint and autonomy

Headband headphones have the advantage of being able to house larger materials compared to classic button headphones, but these Soundcore Q45s are outstanding. anker points up to 65 hours of autonomy if you do not use the cancellation, or 50 with it active. Difficult to verify such a long autonomy, but due to the use I have given it, the accounts come out. You will completely forget about recharging them, but don’t worry because every time you connect them, an audio will indicate the remaining battery. And if you find yourself with the unpleasant surprise that they are out of battery, with five minutes of charging you will have four hours of playback.

Another very interesting point is the multipoint connectivity that allows you to use them simultaneously on two devices. It’s not that they automatically connect to one or the other, it’s that they are connected to both, so you can be listening to a movie on your iPad and answer a call on your iPhone, without waiting times, without touching buttons.

Editor’s opinion

Anker continues to do very well with its Soundcore brand, offering headphones with high-end features at mid-range prices. With mid-range materials, sound quality, noise cancellation and autonomy are more typical of much more expensive headphones, making them an excellent option for many users who do not want to spend much but have high demands. Its price is €149.99 on Amazon (link).

Sound core Q45
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  • Very good sound quality and cancellation
  • excellent autonomy
  • multipoint connection
  • Application with many customization options