Sounds like a fanboy, but the Apple Watch is the best watch

We still remember the first generation Apple Watch and the poor results it had from a user experience and performance point of view. A few years later, the situation has completely changed, with the Apple Watch being the best smartwatch on the market and a benchmark in the sector.Why is the Apple Watch such a good device?

An ally to play sports and know your state of health

The Apple Watch already It is not a complement for your mobile and for your training the Cupertino Smarwatch has become the best friend for take care and watch your workouts with a multitude of options for both health parameters and different exercises and that, although they seem secondary, when they are needed, we appreciate having them on the Watch.

Some of the functions Y sensors The most important is the possibility of measuring oxygen in the blood, cycle control, heart rate control and, above all, the new SOS Emergency sensor, which issues a call in the event of an accident so that they can locate us. Once again, Apple shows how important users are to them.

An ecosystem to be combined with everyone

In spite of the dependency that the Apple Watch has with the iPhone, the apple watch integrates seamlessly spectacular not only with Apple’s flagship device, but with all the equipment that make up the universe of the bitten apple. Carrying the Apple Watch on our wrist makes everything much faster to execute, such as putting a password on the Watch, unlocking the iPhone if we are wearing a mask or paying at the supermarket with the Apple Watch.

iPhone and Apple Watch S7

Complementing the previous paragraph, the applications that we have within the Apple Watch App Store and that is powered by the existing apps on the iPhone. This universe of apps allows users to find any application they are looking for. However, more and more specific applications for WatchOS are being released that require less presence of the iPhone, something incredible and several steps ahead of the competition.

Design and exclusivity

In honor of the essence of Apple, the Design and construction materials are a true marvel. The variety of straps to match the case or the color of your iPhone, makes an ideal and unique combination in the entire technology industry. It is true that this design has a cost and Apple products are all very expensive. However, the Apple Watch is the device with the best value for money, especially if we look at the Apple Watch SE, which is very moderately priced and with incredible health and safety features.

Apple Watch S7 charging

Despite not being the first company to present a smart watch, if you have been able to understand and wonder What is a Smartwatch? To give customers what they want and change the way we communicate with our wrist and our iPhone. The competition knows this and proof of this is the news that appears on the drop in sales of luxury watches as a result of the advantages provided by the Apple Watch.

Leave us in the comments which is the best Smarwatch on the market and why it is the Apple Watch.