Speakers Of AirPlay 2 And HomePods May Soon Merge Under iOS 16.1

The protocols related to AirPlay 2 permit their users to combine several of the supported speakers including HomePods. This allows them to create multi-room audio together. On the other hand, it appears that Apple is inching towards a new idea related to the speakers of AirPlay 2. 

Apple might soon come up with the plan of merging speakers of AirPlay 2 with the beat of iOS 16.1. This feature might soon be available to the users. The primary iOS 16.1 beta code of 9to5Mac was launched last week. It included options to create a grouping of speakers within their Home App. However, details of working on this new feature is still vague but a few coding point toward grouping AirPlay 2 and iOS. 

Brand New Feature For AirPlay 2 Speakers 

At present, a few speakers of AirPlay 2 or HomePods can be grouped together. This can be done with the help of AirPlay menu options but it is a temporary feature. The iOS 16.1 feature will definitely make it very easy for users to permanently group their speakers through Home App. The Apple TV’s default audio result already shows a grouping option in the beta code. 

Interestingly, home speakers must all be synced in the Siri language for proper functioning. Their new system will also require users to opt for Siri language for group pairing. 

HomePods And Grouping With Surprises

HomePod with a true surround option will make life simpler for users. Dolby Atmos is also supported by HomePod and the true surround mode will add another dimension to the user experience. It will surpass all existing competition. 

Sadly, details regarding the true surround option are unclear from Apple’s end. Nonetheless. The grouping feature of Airplay 2 with HomePods is certainly an advanced step that will be enjoyable for their users.