Spotify free on iPhone and iPad

As we have commented on several occasions, Spotify is the favorite application for users to listen to music on their mobile devices. However, Spotify has several plans: the free one –with many limitations– and a paid one, which allows the user to enjoy all the advantages of the service. Now, what if we tell you that You can have Spotify for free on the iPhone and iPad?

Spotify has one of the music catalogs in streaming largest on the market; almost any album you’re looking for you’ll find on Spotify. Recently, the Swedish company added a free plan, but it limited the service with the introduction of ads from time to time, as well as not reaching the maximum playback quality.

Spotify ++, advantages of Spotify Premium totally free


Instead, if the user wants To delimit these aspects, you must pay a monthly fee of 9.99 euros. Of course, the music on demand service offers you a free month so you can try Spotify before deciding to pay the monthly fee.

However, as you well know, in the field of mobile applications –whether Android or iOS–, independent developers are constantly working. And free alternatives are offered that help the end user. And Spotify is no exception. The fruit of this work has been Spotify ++a modified version of the official application that, once installed on your iPhone or iPad, will give you all the benefits of a Spotify premium account.

As you may have guessed, Spotify ++ is not supervised by the Swedish companyTherefore, it will be impossible for you to find it in the App Store for download. You will have to resort to an external method. There are different installation alternatives. Some of them will have to use a computer with Windows or Mac; others, on the other hand, allow you to install the application directly on the mobile device. We will explain to you first, the easiest method so that you can install Spotify ++ directly on your computer.

Installing Spotify ++ on your computer

AppValley for iPhone

As we have mentioned, we will explain the method that will make Spotify++ install directly on your iPhone or iPad. For this we must resort to a third-party application to download the application. We have decided to do it AppValley.

Before continuing, let me tell you that you don’t need to do anything strange on your computer. You don’t need to jailbreak, Nothing like that. Likewise, AppValley is another app that works as an alternative App Store. According to its developers, the application was not going to allow the introduction of viruses or malware. Likewise, they are always very active and as soon as a problem is identified, the solution is given almost immediately. Therefore, it is reliable.

With that said, let’s move on to the steps to install Spotify for free on iPhone or iPad through the use of Spotify ++.

  1. We open the browser of the mobile device and go to the official page of AppValley. We select the version for iOS to download
  2. A message will appear on the screen indicating that AppValley wants to be installed on your computer. give it to accept
  3. If you go to the home screen you will see that the installation of the application does not appear anywhere
  4. Once the download and installation of the profile is finished, you should go to device settings
  5. Enter the General section and look for ‘VPN and device management‘. Click on this option
  6. You will see that when you enter there will be a configuration profile downloaded. Click on it. For its installation you must enter your PIN
  7. After this step, you will have AppValley on your home screen
  8. Enter the application and perform a search: ‘Spotify++
  9. Install this application and enter your Spotify credentials –the same ones you use for your free account of the service–
  10. If you go to the Spotify settings within the app and click on the ‘account’ option, you will see that from now on it is a ‘Premium’ account

Alternative to install Spotify for free on iPhone or iPad – using Altserver

AltStore installation

If the previous method does not work for you because you cannot find Spotify++ among the download options, you should resort to its installation by downloading the IPA file of the application and use an installer through your computer, either Windows or Mac. And for this case, since it is not an application that we find in the official App Store, we will use AltServer.

  1. The first thing will be to go to the official AltServer page and download the version that interests you the most
  2. Next, follow the steps that we explain in the following link
  3. Once the application is correctly installed on your computer and then on your iPhone or iPad, it is time to go to the Spotify++ search
  4. Using the iPhone or iPad, perform a search for ‘IPA Spotify++‘ in Google. There are different alternatives
  5. Once the file is downloaded to your device, enter the AltServer application
  6. Click on the tab ‘My Apps‘ and click on the ‘ icon+
  7. The downloaded Spotify++ IPA will appear directly
  8. you shall click on it to install italthough for this it will ask for your Apple ID before
  9. Ready. Spotify++ installed and running on your iPhone or iPad

What advantages will you get with Spotify++ installed on your iOS device

Advantages Spotify++ on iPhone

Before commenting on the advantages that you will obtain with Spotify++ installed, from iPhone News we want to make it clear that we do not support piracy in any of its forms. Therefore, the use of this application is at your own risk.

Now yes, what advantages will you get? Many. Not to mention all that you can find in a Spotify Premium account after the monthly payment of the fee. We list them below:

  • Announcement cancellation
  • 6 song skip limit override before an announcement
  • Download all the songs you want and listen to them wherever you want, both on-line as offline
  • Being able to listen to music in its highest quality
  • Being able to carry the music on your mobile or tablet –in the free version it is not possible–

However, the updates of the application will not be in the same way as it happens with the official application. That is, updates to the Spotify++ application may take a little longer, although you will be notified in the same way.

If you are still not satisfied, you can always resort to the official application and become Premium. Remember that The free month offered for this service is solely and exclusively for new users who have not previously gone through the Premium model. That said, there are several plans:

  • Spotify Premium Individual: a single account per €9.99 per month
  • Spotify Premium Duo: two accounts per 12.99 euros per month
  • Spotify Premium Family: up to 6 accounts per €15.99 per month
  • Spotify Premium Student: an account for university students for 4.99 euros per month