Spotify It has been one of the platforms that combine the benefits of Artificial Intelligence. With this functionality you will integrate in some way how you can take advantage of playlists with personality and consumer tastes.

It is an initiative that has been in the works for some time, but at this time manages to do it with more precision. This feature is called AI Playlist and it will help users set custom lists and that adapt to various circumstances depending on the mood.

What is Spotify's new Playlist with Artificial Intelligence like?

Spotify launches a much more personalized feature. It uses algorithms and artificial intelligence features so that playlists adapt to the tastes, preferences and moods of each user. It is intended to be a unique experience, one that pleases whoever has it, that can listen to what you like and can discover new music in a more innovative way.

Can you customize your own Playlist? Users can select the option of “AI Playlist” and send a prompt. From here you can indicate the type of playlist you want to create.

Spotify includes AI in its PlaylistSpotify includes AI in its Playlist

This is when Spotify and together with AI will create the rest. A personalized playlist will be generated, but with many more possibilities to go further. The user will be able to manually review and personalize this list further and adapt it to their musical tastes. Among these prompts, you can indicate if you want it to be more pop, softer, less guitar, etc.

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How to start using Spotify AI Playlist

Its handling is very simple. You have to enter Spotify in the section “Your library”. Once inside we look for the option “AI Playlist” and send a prompt, indicating what type of list you want, what reproduction and with what nuances. From now on, Spotify's AI works its magic and will create that custom playlist. When your list has been created, we access the option “Create” and in this way we will have it saved in our profile.