Spotify makes a last-minute decision that will affect new subscriptions from iPhone

With the arrival of the iOS 17.4 operating system version, iPhones that are in operation within the territory of the European Union now support alternative payment methods, which go outside the Apple ecosystem. Spotify is one of the applications that has already applied the change in the rules of the game. Do you want to know how it can affect you? We tell you about it in this article!

It was the English-speaking news outlet 9to5Mac that echoed the new information that was originally published in a report by The Verge. They explain how the operation of the application has changed, and how the European streaming company has changed its usage policies.

What was initially going to be an added facility for users, in terms of immediacy when registering, is now seen as a slightly longer path to be able to enjoy the benefits of payment plans. The objective? Try to avoid the Apple ecosystem, as much as possible, even though the application is available for the iPhone.

You won't be able to subscribe to Spotify from iPhone through in-app purchases

The biggest change that is going to be implemented in the European Union Phones is the opening of the ecosystem. After a decision made by the European Commission, in which it was determined that Apple should adopt more competitive positions in the market, those from Cupertino have implemented the possibility that developers can provide alternative payment methods to those that were given by default.

As far as Spotify is concerned, they have changed their discourse. Originally, at the beginning of 2024, it was learned that the European service was planning a redesign of the application, regarding subscription methods. At first, as reported by 9to5Mac, “users would be allowed to subscribe to ad-free plans directly in the application.”

And what is that change in discourse? The decision to not allow subscriptions to advertising-free plans, from within the application itself.

The new scenario is presented as follows: “If Apple approves it, Spotify users will be able to follow a link to the website where they can sign up for Apple.” In other words: it will not be possible to subscribe to a Spotify plan using Apple's proprietary payment methods. In addition, it must be taken into account that Apple has already released iOS 17.4, a version that would meet the requirements demanded by the European body.

Spotify moves away from Apple

Subscriptions within the iOS application are not the only thing in which Europeans distance themselves from Californians.

From 9to5Mac they also emphasize other aspects of the functions that the iPhone app does not have to take advantage of the rest of the ecosystem. One of them is the possibility of playing songs from Siri, requesting them with voice commands. This not only affects iPhone users: also HomePod users.

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