Spotify VS Apple Music plans in 2023: Which is better?

Technology has developed new dilemmas. And one of those that is already becoming a classic is Apple Music or Spotify? Both streaming services are very popular and one of the factors in deciding whether to use one or the other is the price. In this post we are going to review the prices on both services, and what’s behind each subscription plan. Because it’s not just about the price itself. It’s about what you can do with what you’re paying.

Similar prices with different conditions

Apple Music and Spotify start from two situations that are completely different. And this is reflected in the subscription plans and what we get in return. But beyond the operation of both platforms, the music recommendations and the user experience, the price determines other very important factors. One of them is to share the account.

Sharing is living, and Apple Music and Spotify allow account sharing. However, in the case of Spotify, we will need an important requirement: to be under the same roof (literally). If with Apple Music we can share our subscription with up to six people, Spotify allows the same but using the housing restriction as a necessary element. Thus, the Spotify subscription plans are the following:

  • Individual: 9.99 euros per month. Allows simultaneous playback.
  • Duo: 12.99 euros per month. It allows two simultaneous reproductions, within the same verified address.
  • Family: 15.99 euros per month. It allows up to six simultaneous reproductions, within the same verified address.
  • Student: 4.99 euros per month. Allows simultaneous playback.

Duo and Family plans require all members to verify home address and to ensure we are not cheating, connection locations will be reviewed so we can continue to use the service. Nevertheless, Spotify has something Apple doesn’t: a free usage plan. This option, although it has its limitations, such as ads, not being able to perform certain actions from devices, or not being able to download our music, allows us to access the entire music catalog without having to pay anything, if we don’t want to.

apple music icon

For its part, Apple is more restrictive on this issue. Since we will only be able to enjoy Apple Music if we start a subscription. Although they offer free months as a promotion from time to time, there is no free plan with which to use the service. However, we do not have to share the address with the people with whom we share the account. Thus, the Apple Music subscription plans are as follows:

  • Voice: 4.99 euros per month. Focused to be used with Siri or through HomePod. We do not have access to an interface, playlists or to be able to save our music or download it.
  • Student: 5.99 euros per month. Allows a single simultaneous playback.
  • Individual: 10.99 euros per month. Allows a single simultaneous playback.
  • Family: 16.99 euros per month. It allows up to six simultaneous reproductions, without the need to verify connection locations or addresses.

As you can see, the prices of Apple Music are slightly higher than those of Spotify. But, in exchange, we have the possibility to share accounts with people who do not live with us. And thus, make the subscription drop in price significantly. The restrictions and limitations of one are the advantages of the other.