2023 is just around the corner. There are only four days left until 2022 comes to an end and once again friends and families gather on New Year’s Eve to eat the grapes. The arrival of this new year will begin with the first wishes that we want to fulfill throughout this 2023. Apple has put its batteries and has already presented its activity challenge for the first week of 2023. This is a special challenge to start the year that is available worldwide and for all users that will be achieved by meeting a series of objectives. If completed, you’ll get a prize and custom badges.

2023 begins with a new activity challenge on watchOS

Activity challenges are exercise challenges powered through watchOS that can be completed with our Apple Watch. As its own name says, these challenges they are based on physical activity and exercise goals that you individually set in the Fitness app on iPhone. Therefore, on some occasions, the objectives of each activity challenge will vary between users.

It is still a fun and motivating way to perform physical activity, improve the health and well-being of users. In fact, that’s what we talked about yesterday in this article. When a challenge is completed, virtual rewards and medals can be won, as well as the possibility of sharing success on social networks. It must be taken into account that there are some individual challenges and other collective ones that are usually for celebrations.

Competitions on Apple Watch and watchOS

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It is the case of Apple’s new activity challenge to start this 2023. In fact, his name is ‘Start the year on the right foot’ and it has already been announced by watchOS to each and every Apple Watch user around the world. To complete the challenge and obtain the rewards, we have to fulfill the following:

Complete the three rings seven days in a row in January and you will get this prize.

Indeed. The goal is to complete the ring of movement, activity and standing during the first seven days of 2023. At that time, we will complete the challenge and Apple will offer us the medal for having completed the challenge and a series of stickers that we can use in iMessage.