Stop breaking your iPad

How to avoid damaging the iPad accidentally?

The iPad is a device that, if misused, can cause its performance to drop noticeably, either due to a reduction of active screen hours or slowness when opening and working with some applications. We will see how to avoid this problem below

Use good quality covers

To buy covers good quality is a way to protect the iPhone, not only against possible falls, but also to prevent overheating of the iPad. Also, if the covers do not have minimum quality standards, it may not fit your device well, generating friction that causes scratches all over the chassis of the device. Obviously, it is not mandatory to buy an official Apple case, but you can buy protectors or covers from third-party brands that work really well and are recognized.

Clean the camera and screen regularly

It is true that the ipads camera, Despite the fact that it contains high technology, it is not used much by users because they can take pictures more comfortably through the iPhone or from an SLR camera. However, it is always important to clean it in case at any time we have to use it or directly prevent it from breaking. For this, there are pencils, such as those of the brand, WS WorlsTrend, They have a pad and a brush to remove all the dust from the iPad camera. At the opposite end, it has a sponge It cleans the camera lens.

clean ipad

With respect to screen, It is important to keep it clean to avoid scratches with our Apple Pencil. To do this, we are going to take a cloth with warm water, where we have to moisten it a lot with water and then press to remove all the liquid in order to avoid spillage on the equipment. First, we are going to pass the mop or cloth around the edges, which is where the greatest amount of waste is deposited, and then, through the center of the screen.

Cleaning always has to be from the bottom up. Along with cleaning the screen, it is also recommended to clean the back of the equipment, to prevent dust from accumulating in the connection port and grill inputs where the audio comes out. Finally, it is important to recommend that you have two cloths, one to clean the casing and another to clean the screen, so that one removes the shine and the other can polish the screen.

Overheating your iPad

Use third party chargers, from other brands or that have a higher or lower amperage than the iPad has can damage the battery of your device, causing the battery to suffer. In this situation, the official apple adapters They are the best, since they have certain components inside that cause the iPhone to stop supplying a charge if it is charged to avoid damaging the battery and heating up both the device and the charging adapter.

AmazonBasics Lightning to USB-C

We have the same situation with charging cables, due to the fact that using third-party cables can damage our iPad even if we have a quality adapter, since the power transfer is poor and can heat the device.